How to Clean Laminate Wood Floors


Learning how to clean laminate wood floors is not rocket science. In addition, it doesn’t take a lot of an expensive products. In fact, it’s pretty easy. Laminate is composite-type flooring that ends with a picture of the flooring type. Some of the most popular types are those simulating the look of hardwood floors. Oak, maple and walnut styles are some of the favorite finishes.

While laminate flooring is easy-maintenance, it’s not “no maintenance.” Caring for, and regular cleaning, helps to maintain its beauty and extend its life.

The first place to start is reading the manual that comes with your flooring. That will give you the best general advice. If you didn’t get cleaning instructions with your flooring, the following cleaning tips will work just as well.

Cleaning Laminate Flooring

Vacuum Regularly. Just the simple step of removing dirt goes a long way to keeping your laminate floor looking good. You can use a regular old broom to sweep up dirt, but a vacuum gets into the crevices to suck up the dirt. That dirt has the potential of scraping your floor, so you don’t want to leave it there long.

Stick vacuum work well for laminate floors. They’re lightweight and ultra portable. They’re also very affordable like the Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik Vac shown above (to see it at Amazon CLICK HERE).

Mop with a Damp Cloth. Damp is the keyword here. Never leave puddles of water on a laminate floor because it may between planks or beneath baseboards and cause them to warp.

Also, you shouldn’t use strong cleaning chemicals. They can be harmful to laminate floors, eating away at the surface causing more damage in the end. A simple solution of vinegar and dishwashing liquid if often all you need.

A popular combination for cleaning a laminate wood flooring is with a microfiber mob and a special laminate cleaner. The super-absorbent microfiber cloth of the mob doesn’t leave a puddle, while the specialized clean is a no-brainer answer. My favorite and what I use in my laminate floors is the Bona mop and cleaner found at Amazon (love the ability to spray and swipe!).

Spot Clean Immediately. This is probably the single most crucial step in cleaning a laminate wood floor. Liquid spills can not only damage the floor, but then have the potential of staining it, too. Clean up any spill right away with a damp cloth or microfiber dishcloth.

Never use any harsh chemical on your floor, especially something like acetone or paint remover, because you may remove more than just the stain. Check to see what the manufacture recommends. Also, don’t you metal scraping tools on the floor. If you come across something that needs scrapping, say a piece of gum, use a plastic scraper instead.

Tips for Caring for Your Laminate Floor.

  1. Use doormats to trap grit and stones before they get into the house.
  2. Use rags or towel under furniture feet when moving stuff around to avoid scratching.
  3. Learning how to clean laminate wood floors and putting it to practice is your best bet for maintaining a beautiful floor.