How to Clean Marble Monument Stone – Don't Ruin Your Stone By Following These Tips

If you are wondering how to clean marble monument stone because you either have it in your home, it is on the outside of your home, or you have a particularly famous statue in your yard, you really have nothing to worry about. Cleaning marble monument stone is simple, easy, and even your six year old son can do it without much worry. The things you use are non-toxic, low ph, and are probably things you already have in your home. So how to clean marble monument stone? Check this out.

Dish Soap Is One Way How to Clean Marble Monument Stone

One of the easiest ways in how to clean marble monument stone is to use some simple, basic dish soap. Dish soap is an easy way to break up the dirty elements and even the greasy elements that can accumulate on the marble monument stone. Utilize the same methods as you would if you were washing dishes – basically three parts water, one part soap, and make sure you can spray it on. Then simply wipe it off with a clean rag and you’ve got yourself a streak free shine. Your marble monument stone never looked so good!

Baking Soda is Another Way How to Clean Marble Monument Stone

Maybe you are wondering how to clean marble monument stone that has aged a little bit and really just looks old and grey. If that is your dilemma, then all you need to use is a little bit of baking soda. Now don’t use a brush or anything on the marble monument stone in combination because that will ruin your stone. Simply add a portion of baking soda to water as it says on the box and then wipe with a clean rag. It may need a few takes at it, but even the nastiest, yuckiest, dirtiest marble monument stone will get restored this way.

Sometimes You Have to Remove Stains

Sometimes how to clean marble monument stone is not so easy because you’ve got to be able to remove stains. If this is the circumstance which you face right now, then you’re still in good hands – all you have to do is make a homemade poultice. Sounds complicated I know, but the reality is that it is really easy and is an effective means of cleaning when considering how to clean marble monument stone. Simply mix some baking soda and hydrogen peroxide together – use a full cup of baking soda and then slow mix in the peroxide until you get a nice paste. Then apply the paste to the stain, wrap it with a shrink wrap, poke holes in it so it can breathe, and when the paste is dry, you’ve got no more stain. Tougher stains, however, might need a second treatment.

Getting your marble monument stone clean doesn’t have to be a monumental task. When you know how to clean marble monument stone effectively, you will be able to keep everything you have that is marble as sparkling as the day you received it.