How to Clean Outdoor Carpet Fast

If you are setting up that patio this year or your special oasis then you may be looking at outdoor rugs or other softer materials for your feet. But just how do you clean outdoor carpet? Is it the same as indoor?

You will need to look at just how you live outside. Do you eat most of your meals there during the nice weather? Do you lounge out there and entertain a lot? Then chances are your outdoor carpet and rugs are going to take a beating from spilt drinks, food and dirt from shoes and the garden.

Indoor Outdoor Carpets are Synthetic

They are designed to clean easily and dry fast and to resist mold and mildew, but they do get dirty and there is a easy way to clean them quickly.

Start with a vacuum. Vacuum up all the loose bits and pieces. If your outdoor carpet is glued down, then you need to vacuum right to the edges. If it is a large area rug, it would be even better if you can turn it over and vacuum both sides.

In a bucket mix a small amount of dishwashing soap with warm water until you get a few bubbles. Don’t mix in too much or it will be hard to rinse out.

Now take a soft brush and give your carpet a good scrub and pay attention to those stains. Once you have cleaned the carpet then you will need to rinse it. If it is an area rug, get some help and take it out into the yard and rinse with the hose to get all the soap out.

Note: Normal dishwashing soap is not harmful to plants or the lawn so no worries!

If it is glued down but you do get sunlight on it, then take a hose and rinse it where it sits, making sure to direct the water to the edges and away from the house.

Let it dry the sunlight. The sun is a natural bleach for any mold or mildew. Never use indoor carpets outside because they are not designed to take the weather and will get moldy, so make sure you use outdoor rated rugs and carpets on your patio or deck.

After it has dried (rugs do well draped over picnic tables to dry) then place it back on your patio or deck (after sweeping of course) and give it another good vacuum to raise the pile back up again.

Option 2 for Permanent Indoor Outdoor Carpet Cleaning

If you have a large area of glued down carpeting and it is a totally sheltered spot, such as a covered porch then it may not dry out as well when wet with the hose. In this case you need to treat it as if indoors and use a carpet cleaner as you would indoors. Just make sure and suck up as much water as possible so it dries out well.

Outdoor Carpet Cleaner

You can get great indoor outdoor steam cleaners that can make quick work of permanent carpeting. This wll loosen and remove dirt and not leave water behind, so this is something to consider if your floor covering is permanent and under cover from the weather.

Refresh Your Patio Carpet

In between cleaning a great way to help get rid of dirt and debris and leave it smelling fresh is to sprinkle baking soda on the rug and leave a few minutes and then vacuum. This will keep it clean and the baking soda will make it smell fresh.

Dressing up your outdoors can be fun, and there are many great products on the market that are designed to create that perfect space with the same comforts as indoors but created from materials to take the weather, such as cool outdoor area rugs andgreat outdoor flooring ideas and you can even clean outdoor cushions quickly to keep things looking great.