How to Clean Outdoor Cushions with Mold Naturally

If you are trying to create your own little oasis in your yard by having all the comforts of home, then you have probably run into dirty patio furniture with stains, dirt and even mold and mildew. So how do you clean outdoor cushions with mold? You don’t want to use harsh chemicals so there is a way.

You will need: A garden hose, a clean sponge, spray bottle filled with 1/2 white vinegar and 1/2 warm water, and outfit yourself accordingly! (yes you will get wet) and pick a sunny day if you can.

Brush off as much dirt as you can, or even use a vacuum to get dust off the surface, the less gritty bits on the surface the less damage you will do to your cushions when you scrub. Gritty bits can break down the fabric fibers, so get as much off as you can.

Line Up your Outdoor Furniture Cushions

Find a wall or fence line where there is no dirt or mud that can splash back up at your cushions. I find it easier to clean them when they are upright.

With the garden hose on medium spray, give them a good spraying to loosen more dirt and to help with the cleaning process. The outdoor fabrics are designed to get wet so they will usually give up some of the dirt with plain water.

Take your spray bottle that you have filled with the vinegar and water solution and spray the entire side of the cushion while it is wet and then take your sponge and rub as if you were cleaning windows. I found a circular motion helped to loosen dirt.

Let the solution sit on the cushion and move onto the next. After you have done 3 cushions then take your hose and spray them again to rinse the vinegar off. If you still see stains you can do another spot cleaning, but this vinegar and water solution works well on mold, mildew and food stains.

Turn Them Over

Depending on how many outdoor cushions you are trying to clean, you may want to do half at a time, but I found working on 3 at a time worked best. Now turn them around and repeat the same process for the other side of the cushions.

Don’t be to stingy with the hose, these cushions can take it.

Find a Sunny Spot

Now find a sunny area and let them dry in the sun. The sun is the perfect natural mold and mildew killer too. Don’t forget to turn them over to dry the other side if you have them laying down on the deck or patio (make sure to lay them on an old towel so as not to pick up more dirt.)

Avoid hanging them on the clothes line as this puts the cushions out of shape, it is best to lay them flat somewhere warm and in the sun.

Avoiding Mold and Mildew on Outdoor Cushions

Mold and mildew forms when the cushions gets wet but cannot dry in a reasonable amount of time. One of the biggest causes of the mold can be when you race out there once the rain has started to get the cushions off the chairs and then throw them in the storage container or shed and since they already started getting wet, they simply can’t dry out.

If it has already started raining and they have been getting wet even just damp, you might as well just leave them out there and then let them dry in the sun later. The sun can help to fade stains too.

if you take a good look at your outdoor cushions and even after cleaning they just don’t look their best, may be it is time for some replacement patio cushions to keep your oasis looking its best. and if you want to keep the direct sun off of them to stop them from fading you can get these really cool sun shades for your patio or deck.

Stick to natural cleaners as much as possble, it is easier on the fabrics and on your skin too.