How to Clean Patio Pavers Fast

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As we migrate outside more with the nice weather, we tend to spend time and effort into making our oasis the perfect relaxing spot that we crave. If you have a patio for your special spot that is created from pavers (patio stones, or inlayed bricks, or basic square pavers) and it tends to see all the seasons, then knowing how to clean patio pavers is good knowledge to have to keep them good looking for years to come.

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Maybe yours have been around for a long time, or maybe you just installed them last year, but either way they do tend to dull and not look their best after a few seasons of dirt, entertaining, and cooking on this patio. So, how do you clean them and bring them back to life without harsh chemicals?

Cleaning Pavers

One of the best ways to clean stones and decks and patios is with warm water and a few drops of dishwashing soap (the type for washing dishes by hand not the dishwasher type)

Fill a bucket with warm water and add some dishwashing liquid until you have a few suds. don’t go overboard or it will be hard to rinse off, but it all depends on whether your water is soft or hard as to how much soap you add to your bucket. Simple dishwashing soap will not harm plants or grass so no worries there compared to harsh chemicals.

Now sweep the pavers or patio area and get rid of debris,, then take your water and pour it over a small area at a time, then with a good bristle brush scrub the area.

Now before you have visions of getting down on your hands and knees this is not necessary, you can purchase a broom style course bristle brush just for this purpose. Bascially scrub the wet area with the soapy water with your brush and then do another area, then throw what is left of the water over the entire area do another final scrub.

How to Clean Patio Pavers Fast, SeekytClean Patio Pavers with a Stiff Bristle Brush

Now the fun part, take the hose and simply rinse it off. You will be amazed just how clean simple soap and water can clean those patio pavers. Just do a medium spray, you don’t want to be disturbing any sand or materials between the stones.

This push broom style brush is something that works well for the garage floor too, so it might be a good investment rather than getting down on hands and knees to clean outdoor floors and pavers.

Clean Patio Pavers at Least Once a Year

Probably the best time is in the spring once that snow is gone and the weather is warm. Many pavers have nice colours to them that can fade when they get very dusty and dirty, so soap and water will clean that film off and you will have a nice clean surface once again for your oasis and entertaining. You can also clean outdoor carpet and rugs quickly and get them ready for the season too.

Don’t forget to give those outdoor cushions a good clean as well and if you have teak furniture then here is a great way to clean teak outdoor furniture and make your oasis spotless and ready for you!

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How to Clean Patio Pavers Fast, Seekyt
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