How to Clean Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

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If you are getting ready to expand your living area to include the patio now that the weather is nicer, then it is time to do some cleaning! If you own a wrought iron patio set or maybe you have the railings around your deck then here is a quick tip for cleaning them.

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Start by taking a soft brush or broom and quickly brushing off dirt and debris that has accumulated over the winter. Even when stored under covers, dirt and dust can still be present. So, get as much off as you can with a quick sweep. You also want to check for spider nests, as they love to create their homes between the metal pieces.

Now arm yourself with a bucket of warm water in which you have put a few drops of dishwashing liquid (the type for doing dishes by hand not for the dishwasher) and with a soft cloth simply start washing with the soapy water and get into all the crevices.

Now take your garden hose, and spray it down to rinse the soap away. If you are doing railings and don’t want to be spraying the hose then you will need a bucket of clean water and a clean cloth to rinse it.

How to Clean Wrought Iron Patio Furniture, SeekytNote: This works best if it is not too hot or sunny out, because you don’t want the soapy water to dry on the wrought iron furniture or railings. If it is hot and sunny just make sure and do a small section at a time.

Once you have rinsed the pieces, then you need to sit them on a bit of an angle so the water can drain off quicker and let them dry naturally.

Does Your Wrought Iron Patio Furniture Need Touch Up Paint?

While cleaning it is a good idea to really inspect your pieces and if there is any rust then these areas need to be touched up with outdoor metal paint. You can find this paint online or in hardware stores. You need to get metal paint that is designed for the outdoors.

Outdoor Metal Paint

Simply take a small piece of sandpaper and sand the rust off then spray with the metal paint. You can use a brush if you want but the spray is much easier to use on the intricate metal patterns and it leaves no brush marks.

Just make sure you are in an area where you can paint. A garage would be good for this project, but at least somewhere sheltered if you must do it outside.

If it is time for an update, you could even change the colour completely. Just make sure you have cleaned the wrought iron patio furniture and it is good a dry before repainting with metal paint. There are many different finishes on the market, and you could totally change the look of yours just by getting a different colour.

How Often Should You Clean Wrought Iron Patio Furniture?

At least once a year. It would be nice if you could do it before you put them away for the season too, but if it is late in the season your pieces may not dry completely and dampness under cover can be an enemy of wrought iron. So, at least clean them in the spring ready for the new season.

If you are going all out and giving everything a good clean then read these tips on cleaning patio pavers and how to clean outdoor carpet and if you own teak then how to clean teak outdoor furniture will get your patio looking great. If you find that your outdoor cushions are not looking their best then also try cleaning outdoor cushions easily and quickly to get your little oasis ready!

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How to Clean Wrought Iron Patio Furniture, Seekyt
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