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How to Clear your Mind by De-Cluttering your Closet

De-clutter your mind by de-cluttering your closet

Having a hard time focusing on any one thing or always feeling like you are never getting as much done in a day as you would like or that no matter how much you do it never seems to be enough?

Everything in your mind seemed to be scattered? Quite possibly you feel that way about how you have or don’t have material things under control at home. Is your closet a mess?

Do you have an office at home and maybe you use it as a dumping ground for paper and things.

How does your garage look? Is there one room or area in your home that really needs some organizing?

Less is more

If you have an area in your home that on a regular basis you use it for a dumping ground and never seem to be able to quite get a grip of the situation then you need to stop in your tracks and say to yourself right now.

That you are going to organize and get rid of the clutter.

Have you ever actually gone through a room or even just a filing cabinet or maybe it is your junk drawer or could even be your coffee table and got rid of stuff you didn’t need anymore and possibly even got rid of stuff you just never used and it was just taking up space doing nothing.

It is very liberating I must say. Having less laying around or stuffed in drawers and closets is a really great feeling.

Closet cleaning time

I am going to suggest you start with a closet. Why a closet?

Because everyone has too many clothes, shoes, purses, ties, belts, sweaters, jackets you get the picture.

Clothes that you keep because you bought them on an impulse buy and didn’t really need or wasn’t 100% sure you liked them. Gifts from family and friends that you would hate to throw out because you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Well I say chuck that stuff in a big green garbage bag and donate the clothes to charity. I am sure you have heard this before and I am going to say it anyways.

If you haven’t used it or worn it in a year you probably never will, so toss it.

By cleaning out your closet your mind will be less frazzled because now when you go to pick out something to wear you will enjoy doing it.

The closet will be better organized and the only clothes in there will be clothes you actually enjoy wearing.

An organized life is a happier life. Less clutter in your closet in your office in your garage and so on means less clutter in your mind.

Make yourself happier and de-clutter everything in your world. You will be more organized and more efficient and definitely less stressed. You might not even realize just how stressed you really are until you undertake this task.


Once you get your closet under control and feel how great it is to have such a simple task completed it is time to move on to the next part of your house, car, garage and get it de-cluttered while at the same time de-cluttering your mind.

A couple other benefits of getting used to having less material objects in your life means more time to do whatever you want because you don’t have to take care of them and having more money in your pocket.

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