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How to Combat Depression Naturally

There are times when we all get sad for no apparent reason. For many people, however, this sadness and feeling of listlessness doesn’t go away. They suffer from chronic depression, a genuine medical condition. Unfortunately many are too scared to seek treatment for fear of the social stigma attached to mental illness. The good news is that there are a number of natural ways a person can treat their depression at home, without anyone knowing they are depressed.

Symptoms of Depression

Most people understand that when you are depressed you feel sad, some people have thoughts of suicide, and you are generally uninterested in what is going on around you. However, the condition runs much deeper than that.

Signs and symptoms of true depression are more than just feelings of sadness (although that is often how we describe them outwardly). Depression, while it is a mental illness, takes a toll on the body as well. Those who suffer hardly want to eat at all. Everything will taste dry and bland, and even when they force themselves to get food down it doesn’t settle. Often it will be thrown back up shortly after consumed.

Depression makes it hard to get motivated to do anything at all. There is no desire to get out of bed in the morning, no desire to get dress or care for oneself, and no desire to tackle the duties and responsibilities of the day. Instead, a depressed person may look lazy to the outside observer. They look as though they are rude and inconsiderate.

So how does one break the cycle?


Food can be an upper or a downer. How many of us have overindulged on Thanksgiving and fallen asleep in a recliner afterward? Eating the right food can transport a person from feeling listless, to feeling enthused and excited.

Foods that make the body work are the ones that are going to help break the depression cycle. Fast foods, greasy things, and high fatty foods will only deepen depression. Instead, opt for whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, naturally sweet foods and caffeine. You need something to kick start your motivation, and sometimes a cup of coffee with your fruits and vegetables is what you need.


After you kick start your body with the right food, get moving. Your body is designed to be active, so by keeping active you fight off depression. As you exercise you naturally produce endorphins. These chemicals affect your body similar to opioids; that is, they give you a “high” and excited feeling. More exercise means more opioids.


When depressed, all you want to do is cower under the bedsheets and wait for the feeling to pass. However, this is the worst thing you can do for yourself. Get out and soak up some rays of sunshine. The light will help you combat depression in a multitude of ways. First, it helps to wake you up. Being more alert you will be able to process and think clearly. Second, it increases the body’s level of serotonin. This natural chemical is essential for moods, and prescription drugs like Zoloft are called Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs). This means that prescription drugs are designed to inhibit the reuptake of serotonin leaving it in your system longer. Why not catch some rays and naturally put more serotonin in your system?

Combat Depression Naturally

Skip the prescription drugs that have a long list of potentially deadly side effects. Instead, opt for eating right, being outdoors, and getting exercise to keep your heart, mind, and body all healthy and functioning properly. Now if you try a natural remedy, and it still doesn’t work (after you give it plenty of time to kick in), only then should you pursue a medication to give your body a boost.

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