How To Compare Glass Fencing Contractors

These days, many homeowners are choosing to swap over their old fencing for a more modern material, like glass. Whilst this is a highly attractive option that is suitable for use in a number of applications (from balconies to swimming pools), it is important to remember that incorrect installation can lead to all sorts of problems. This is why it is essential that you have employed a reputable glass fencing contractor – here is how you can go about comparing them:


  • Determine whether they offer a guarantee
    You don’t want something to go wrong with your fencing only to discover that the contractor didn’t offer any guarantees or offered only a limited one. You should never assume that a guarantee is offered on the work – some companies do, and some don’t. Others offer only a very limited one that covers hardly anything. Instead, you need to ask them whether any sort of guarantee is offered on the materials and/or workmanship.
  • Determine that the fittings are rust proof
    This is a very important feature and is one that is often overlooked. Rust is your fencing’s worst enemy and can lead to all sorts of problems or even complete failure if not taken into account. Most contractors will readily tell you all about how they use rust proof aluminium or galvanised steel in their posts and panels, but what about the smaller components? You should find out about these, too.
  • Determine that their workers are trade certified
    Every now and then, you will run into a glass fencing contractor who is trade certified themselves but who employs unskilled laborers to do the actual work. This is a sneaky way for them to boost their profits. You want to make sure that the people who will actually build your fence are skilled trades people. If you don’t, you risk the project not being built according to specifications or it failing completely.
  • Determine if the workers have insurance
    By ensuring that your contractor has adequate insurance, you can ensure that any incidents (such as injury or property damage) are handled correctly – both you and the workers will be protected. If they have inadequate or even no insurance, however, you (as the homeowner) can be held liable. You should never place this sort of risk on yourself and only hire companies that have the proper insurance.
  • Determine who sources their materials
    It is important that only Australian materials are used in the construction of your fencing, as foreign ones may not meet our building and safety requirements. Whilst foreign materials might cost less, they are often of much lower quality than local ones. By ensuring that the project is completed using quality products, you can rest assured that it will be long lasting and offer the protection or barrier you require.

As you can see, comparing glass fencing contractors can actually be quite simple once you know what you’re doing. It is important that you find out all of the information outlined above before reaching a final conclusion – if the contractor is not forthcoming with the information during your discussion, ensure that you ask about it. Some of them just may not think to share the information; others are intentionally trying to keep it from you.