How to Create a Crime-free World

Creating a crime-free world seems so utopian. This might be because people have come to view crime as if it has always been a second nature to man. Arguments that people are naturally greedy and greed fuels crime can be used to back up such posit. It could also argued that crime has finally become a way of life and so many people are already benefiting from the ‘largesse’ to the extent that they will be more than ready to do anything to maintain the status quo.

But wait a minute…

Have you ever considered what it will really take to create such a crime free world? I doubt. This is the type of thought that struck me when I seriously started thinking if there is any way that we can be able to make our traumatized and crime-ravaged world a better place.

That was when the answers started coming out. I became shocked for two main reasons. I discovered that it was going to be a one big onerous and uphill task to rid this world of crime when I started considering what it will really take. But then, it was so shocking to me when I discovered that although it might be very difficult to create such a society, it is not actually impossible!

It will be hard because it will involve all and sundry plus a real committed effort from everybody on the globe or should I say, from all the good citizens of the planet Earth but then it is not impossible because it actually starts from one person — you, yes, that’s me!

Simply put, you don’t need to change everybody to create a crime-free society. You just have to change and start from yourself!

In this piece, I am going to put forward some ways in which the good citizens of Earth can actually work together, starting from themselves of course, to rid the planet of crime in almost every form.

And to do this, we have to identify some of the root causes of crime and then proffer some solutions or ways through which we can make this Utopian dream real.

Here we go…


There is so much injustice in the world today. A lot of people are being denied justice either because they are not rich enough to pay lawyers who will speak for them or because they are simply tagged as second-class citizens.

Injustice is bad and it can be expressed in so many forms like racism, nepotism, ethnicity, discrimination based on sex, disenfranchisement, educational qualification, social strata, religious bias, brute force etc.

Injustice is the reason why some people develop so much hatred for others because of the divided house it is always creating coupled with the mentality of ‘we against them’ it permeates across human society anywhere there is injustice. It is one of the reasons why people suddenly get enraged and start acting so dangerous and so violently with their survival animal instinct

People tend to take laws into their hands when they feel like they are not getting the fairest hearing/trial they deserve as the free citizens of the earth and this condition is known to force some people into massive protests and crime.

So for us to battle crime to a standstill, we must be ready to fight injustice anywhere we find it occurring with all our might.

Proper Education

People need to be fully educated for them to hate the idea of crime. Adequate education empowers the people. A society that is peopled by educated people will always rise above crime.

The education I am talking about here is not the type that trains people for the purpose of obtaining certificates and finding work later when they must have graduated from the school system.


The type of education I am talking about here is that which will empower the people to become a complete human who is adequately capable of producing great things from the highly developed thinking faculty s/he must have developed while in school.

That is to say that the type of education our schools should be concerned with is that which is primarily focused on developing the student mentally as well as enable that same student to be fully skilled while a lesser and lesser emphasis should be placed on the acquisition of certificates.

It will also serve as the free citizens of the earth who want to rescue the planet from crime to see to it that our schools are highly focused towards helping the students to discover their special talents with which they can hone in and develop maximally to the greater good of everyone.

Needless to add that a well-functioning and technologically minded society peopled by highly educated, skilled and talented people will surely have little or no recourse to crime.

Say No to Materialism

Materialism is the new religion. It is the order of the day and the more you have, the more you want. Simply put, big is better.

Such intense quest for the acquisition of wealth and power has left the earth and its good citizens in a very bad and pitiable position. People are now ready to acquire more wealth and power at the expense of others.

And the rage of materialism continues to tear the planet and its people apart, human life becomes more and more worthless. Massive greediness, insatiability, violence, cold-bloodedness, insensitivity, untold wickedness, lying, immorality, poverty and depravity, and so many other forms of abuses replaces the quintessence nature of human which is based on true love for one another.

Such a recipe for the rising wave of criminal activities the world over, you will agree with me.

But it is not supposed to be that way. We need to stop all these madness before it stops us. We need to rise above our inherent selfishness and extreme love for oneself and embrace the policy of love for one another and we need to outgrow our reptilian brain which is responsible for our want to be territorial and always in mad quest to acquire more things even when we already know that we do not need such things. Worse still, when we die, we leave all those things behind…


Most humans love to be led. So it becomes the responsibility of those who call themselves our leader not to lead us astray.

Serious commitment is needed from our leaders to help us create this type of crime free society. It should be the type of leadership where our leaders are ready to lead by excellent imitable examples.

It should be a committed and true democratic leadership that has a zero tolerance for corruption and indiscipline. As the saying goes, once the head is corrupt, the body follows thus it becomes imperative that the types of leaders we need at this juncture are those who are ready to walk the talk!

But before we start pointing fingers at one another in search for who to blame, we should also remind ourselves that we all are leaders in one aspect of our lives.

Our political leaders are not the only one being addressed. In fact, our religious leaders are also part and parcel of this quest for the creation of a crime free world and they have the greater responsibility to help us achieve this goal simply because they have the affinity to listen to them. Religious teaches should be based on the true teaching and practical love as against the current push towards prosperity which is just another subtle way of euphemizing materialism.

We are also expected to show this type of committed leadership in the various aspects of our lives where we rule. That is the reason why I said that the creation of a crime free society will always start with the self.

There you have it. I guess you might have been expecting a very long and exhaustive list of impossible things that must be done to help us achieve this goal?

Agreed, this list may not be complete but at least, you will agree with me that it is one step ahead in the right direction!