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How to Create a Halloween Wreath


Even though I’m an adult, I still love Halloween and all the preparations that go into decorating. This is why I want to share a few Halloween wreath ideas with you. They are fun and easy to make and can be hung either outside your front door or inside.

The materials you need aren’t very expensive and in fact, depending on how you decide to make your wreath, you may not spend over $10 dollars. I’m going to give you several options on what you can use as a wreath base, then you can pick the one that is easiest for you and your family to work with.

Choosing Your Wreath

Your first Halloween wreath base can be made by simply cutting a huge circle out of an orange poster board, then cutting out the center to form your wreath. It can be as large or as small as you want to make it. If you can’t find an orange poster board, then use white or black. My suggestion would be the orange. I’ll explain later. Poster boards cost no more than $2 dollars.

The second choice is using a Styrofoam wreath base. You can purchase a Styrofoam wreath from Walmart, K Mart, any craft store, or any store that sells fabric or arts and crafts supplies. You can even purchase one online. I’ve seen the prices range from $1 to $10 dollars. It all depends on the size and how it’s made. See if you can find one in either orange or black, and this would eliminate using the yarn.

Your third choice for a Halloween wreath base is the grapevine wreath that can also be purchased from craft stores or online. The prices can range anywhere from $0.79 to $10 dollars. They can go higher, but I would suggest sticking with the lower priced wreaths.

The fourth choice is making your own wreath base from a wire hanger and toilet paper holders. The most difficult thing about this is waiting until you get enough holders to paint black, and tape together around the wire coat hanger that you shape into a circle.

These Halloween wreath ideas are the same, regardless of what base you use. All the decorations and cut-outs will be glued to it, so choose your base and then you can begin putting your wreath together.

Supplies Needed To Make Halloween Wreath

– Wreath Base

– Pack of Construction Paper

– Glue

– A pack of orange or black Yarn

– Scissors

– Black Marker

– Green black (only if you use the toilet paper holders)

How To Make A Halloween Wreath

For ease sake, I’m going to give you instructions on how to make a wreath out of the poster board. If you made your choice from above, then you should already have either an orange or black poster board wreath cut out.

I suggested orange because you will have black bats, spiders and witches, and you want them to stand out. If you used a black poster board, these items would blend in instead of standing out. However, on the black you could use white ghost and orange jack o lanterns.

Whatever color poster you use, just make your cut-outs in a color that will stand out. Also remember, this same procedure for making a wreath applies for any base you are using.

Next you want to begin drawing and cutting out different shapes of bats, ghosts, cats, spiders, jack o lanterns and witches to place on your wreath. The amount you cut out depends on the size of your base, and how full you want your wreath.

When you have finished cutting out these items, glue them around your wreath. Space and place them so they look balanced, and if you want to, you can even glue pieces of candy corn on the wreath. Not too many, but enough to make it look interesting and to add some weight. Now all you have to do is make a hoop out of a piece of yarn and glue it to the back of the wreath.

How to Create a Halloween WreathIf you’re using a white Styrofoam wreath, you can use either the orange or black yarn and wrap it until it is covered, then glue your cut-outs onto it. If you’re using the grapevine wreath, you can just glue your cut-outs right onto it, then tie the yarn around the ring. The wire hanger wreath has its own hoop for hanging. However, if you want to, you can wrap the wire hoop with some of the yarn so the wire can’t be seen.

This is basically it! You should have a completed Halloween wreath.You can make as many of these as you want. In whatever color you, with whatever decorations you want. Hang them all around the house, as well as outside.

They are part of your decoration for Halloween, so make them with different cut-outs. Some can have monsters like Dracula and Frankenstein, and some can have haunted houses and grave yards. Let your imagination go and be as creative as you want.

Thank you for reading How to Make a Halloween Wreath, and remember, it doesn’t matter which Halloween wreath ideas you use… the poster board, the Styrofoam, the coat hanger or the grapevine wreath… the procedure is the same for all of them. If you decide to use the wire hanger and toilet paper holders to make your wreath, you can visit here.


How to Create a Halloween Wreath
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