News How to Create a Varied Wardrobe on a Budget

How to Create a Varied Wardrobe on a Budget


How to Create a Varied Wardrobe on a Budget

So, you thought slacks or skinny pants were only meant for women? Wrong! Not only do men use them to keep warm during the harsh winters, a slightly different form of these slacks was also used by the military way back in the 1960s! They were used to keep dirt and grime away and also for ankle support. So, if you thought leggings were only for making a fashion statement, think again. There could be several utilitarian features you are actually overlooking! They provide for enhanced mobility and great comfort. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend too much on them either, with the leggings combo offers available online.

Variety on a Budget
It is that time of the year when you wish to look your best! The festive season is here and socializing and parties are more common than at any other time of year. You need a fresh look almost every other day because repeating an ensemble is never an option! And despite the best of sales, discounts and bumper offers, spending on brand new attire for every event you wish to attend is the last option. More so because this is also the time of year when your budget needs to accommodate all those gifts you have to buy for your near and dear ones. The best thing to do, therefore, is to mix and match. A good leggings combo offer can actually do the trick. Here’s a look at very interesting options for creating a different look each time with tights.

How to Create a Varied Wardrobe on a Budget

Mix and Match for Endless Variety

When you’ve chosen a good leggings combo offer for yourself, you should also know how best to mix and match the tights with different types of tops to create new and exciting looks every time.

• With your Traditional Kurta: Just because you need to attend a traditional gathering does not necessarily mean spending on a pricey anarkali suit. You can choose a vibrant traditional anarkali kurta and pair it with one of the tights you might have purchased. In fact, you can add variety to your wardrobe by spending on two or more kurtas and pair them with leggings of different hues! Each ensemble would be a new and vibrant one.

How to Create a Varied Wardrobe on a Budget
• With your Mini Skirt or Short Dress: The festive season means eating out and having a fun time with friends. And a stylish mini skirt or a short knee length dress would do just fine. What better way to show off your shapely legs? However, such short attire might not be acceptable everywhere. The best way to wear them in such circumstances is to pair them with the right tights. You could either choose black, since it goes with everything, or pick contrast colours to make a bold statement. White bottom-wear with a dark colored shirt could also be a great idea.
• With a Casual T shirt: You can even pair these bottoms with your choice of T shirt for casual outings. T shirts are quite affordable and give a great casual look. All you need to do is to look for a leggings combo offer worth spending on. If you are bored of kurtas and salwar kameezes, try this.
• With your Choice of Footwear: Your footwear is an important part of your ensemble. And, if you already have an assortment of options available with you, there is no need to spend on fresh ones. When you choose to wear tights as part of your festive apparel, you can pair them up with just about any kind of footwear. While heels look gorgeous with slim fitting leggings, you can easily pair them with flat sandals, sneakers or even flip flops.

Lastly, don’t forget to check the size chart when you pick a leggings combo offer or you just might be left to regret at leisure.

How to Create a Varied Wardrobe on a Budget
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