How To Create Classic Styles When Using Wooden Beds

Creating a classic bedroom style often involves wooden beds. Wood is a popular choice for frames as it comes in many finishes. For classic styles, the finish is typically darker, such as oak.

Rich redwood finishes are another popular option for some rooms. For most classic options, the darker the color, the better it looks. This is why many look for the deepest colors that they can find.

Look For Wooden Beds With A Darker Finish

A rich and dark finish on wood is the best way to start a classic look. It gives the room a touch of instant class and elegance many enjoy. However, there are a few important things to keep in mind with them.

The first thing to note is that it can make the room look smaller. This is often the case if the rest of the room is also dark. To compensate for the finish, lighter touches need to be added.

The best way to add lighter touches is to look for accent pieces. By selecting a few key pieces, the room will look brighter and bigger. This is especially important for those who have a smaller bedroom.

Add Accent Pieces That Match Cheap Wooden Beds

Classic cheap wooden beds can be added to any size of bedroom. However, the room size has an impact on the other decorations. In some rooms, the darker colors can make it appear cramped.

When dealing with this issue, brighter decorations can help. The easiest option is to use a brighter color for the bedding material. A bright cream or white blanket can balance out the dark tones.

A white or cream rug is another good and inexpensive option. The rug does not have to be full size, many can use a smaller one. The smaller rugs can be placed near the footboard, or on the side.

A rug is typically used if the floors are hardwood or tile. Rugs may also be used if the carpeting is darker, such as blue or brown. This will help to offset the colors, making the room look brighter.

Another option is to use white wooden beds for the classic look. White is an eye catching color that looks bright yet sophisticated. It is a good option for rooms with darker walls and carpeting.

When using white frames, the other colors in the room can be darker. Furniture pieces are a good option, such as a darker night table. A dark dresser may also be used to help balance out the room.

Some may prefer to keep all of the bedroom furniture white. To offset the brightness, the walls can be painted darker, such as blue. This is a good way to create an even and classic look in a bedroom.

Make A Statement With Wooden Sleigh Beds

When a high contrast look is not enough, striking frames can be used. Wooden sleigh beds offer some of the most bold styles available. They look antique and classic, and will easily stand out in a bedroom.

A bright floor rug is typically placed under the sleigh frame. This is done when the frame is darker, such as a polished oak. The bright rug helps to make the carved woodwork stand out more.

When using sleigh options, the decorations should be kept simple. Too many elaborate accent pieces will take away from the woodwork. This is important to keep in mind when looking for classic wooden beds.