How to Create Embroidery Patches with Machine

Everyone LOVES patches! Whether it’s a shirt or a bag or the back pocket of a jeans, patches are something you can rely on to be quirky, edgy and trendy. The best part is that now you can create embroidery patches like a piece of cake. All you have to do is get hold of an embroidery machine. Continue reading and get acquainted with the basics of patch-making.

Create Embroidery Patches

What will you Need?

1. First of all you need to get hold of all the stuff which you will require to embroider the patches you desire. Fabric is of course mandatory in this list of required materials. Your choice of fabric can of course vary. You can opt for cotton canvas, duck or felt. Moreover, you also have an entire array of colors to choose from. Never shy away from colors that seem too catchy or wild- at times these patches turn out to be the most exciting and attractive ones. You may also get hold of a printed fabric. The fabric’s print can then form part of the patch design.

2. Once you have decided upon the color and material of your patch’s fabric, you should then move on to some water soluble stabilizer, popularly termed as WSS.

3. After getting hold of WSS, you will now require a fresh needle and embroidery threads of the colors you desire.

4. Last but not the least would be your patch design. There are a multitude of design templates already present out there. You can either choose one from those or create your own design using your software.

Start Working!

After you have assembled all your stuff, it is time for you to start working on your embroidered patch. We have elaborated the whole process for you in various steps which go one by one.

  1. Get hold of your fabric.
  2. The sheet you are using can be of different dimensions of course but let’s assume that it is of 9 by 12.
  3. You will have to cut this sheet into four squares which means that you would be ending up with 4 patches.
  4. Now, the first line that you stitch onto your patch is going to be your placement line.
  5. Once you have outlined your placement line, take your WSS or any adhesive spray. Spray a little of it onto the square you have just outlined.
  6. Now, pat down your felt so that it clings.
  7. The next stitch that you make will be stitching the felt down for you.
  8. Next, trim down the patch close to your stitched line so that you end up with the perfect shape you wanted.
  9. Now, comes the design which has to be made on this particular patch.
  10. Using the embroidery machine, embroider the design of your choice. This would be some intensive stitching so you can also consider taking short breaks at intervals.
  11. Furthermore, the more colorful you want your design to be, the more times will you have to change the thread.
  12. Once you are done with the stitching of your exquisite embroidery design, remove the hoop of your machine and take the patch out of it.
  13. You can re-trim patch close to its borders so that it ends with a neat look.
  14. Finally you will have the rinse off the scraps of WSS from the back of your patch.

Got a Problem?

At times, it happens that your patch ends up with some ‘fuzz’ around its corners. Getting rid of this fuzz is easy. All you have to do is lit a lighter and gently run it along the sides of your patch. This is a tricky job since you have to be careful that the thread doesn’t melt away and you only bid farewell to the ‘fuzzies’.

Want a Crispy Patch?

There’s a little trick which can endow your patch with a crispy, professional look. The tricky is very simple indeed. All you have to do is rinse your patch and then allow it to dry off. Follow this with a quick blast from the steam iron. Your patch will become all crisp and smug.

What can you do with these Patches?

Patches can serve a multitude of purposes. You can of course ‘patch up’ your stuff with them. Any sneaky holes in your clothing can be disguised away with these creative patches. In this manner you will not only end up saving your money, but you would also be able to add a unique stroke to your possessions which define you somehow.
Furthermore, these awesomely creative and unique patches decorate your bags incredibly and add a unique air to them. The best part is that you can either glue these patches on or sew them- it’s all up to you!