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How to Create a Facebook Video Campaign

Video ads are very prominent medium of advertising, now-a-days, even on Facebook, with its highest user count and popularity. Facebook, not just a social networking website but also a good marketing and advertising platform, is strategizing to make the most of it. It is constantly improving the Video ad experience for users as well as marketers.

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This guide is for the marketers who are planning to enter the world of video advertising through Facebook. Keep on reading to gain the step by step knowledge of developing and running a successful Facebook video campaign.

There are two methods of creating video ad campaigns. Both methods are described below:

Method 1 – Using Live Interface

This is a simple and straight forward method of creating video campaign relatively in very less time.

  1. Go to your advertising manager and login. Now click on Create Ad button at the top in right hand side of screen.

Fb222. Select Get Video Views from the list of objectives.

fb333. Now, you need to insert the page that you want to use for promotion of the video. You can also simply put the URL of certain page.


4. In this step, set up the video campaign. Just give a name to your campaign and select the target audience criterion based on demographics (location, age, and gender etc.), interests and behaviors.

5. At last set the budget and select the bidding strategy.



6. Now, upload the video (in .mov format). The size of video file must not exceed to more than 1 GB and resolution should be at least 720p with aspect ratio of 16:9.

7. Once the video is uploaded, set up the text and add a call to action for this advertisement. This step is important as a landing page will be set only if an eligible call to action is chosen. In preview of the video call to action button will not appear to you but only when the video is playing.

fb77 fb88

Method 2 – Create video with the help of Power Editor

Unlike Live Interface, Facebook Power Editor is more complex but a best fit for the marketers who want to create different variations of ads for testing purpose. The steps for the same are given below:

  1. Enter the Facebook ad manager. Now click on Power Editor.

fb88 fb99

2.Before starting the process of creating the campaign, download your advertising account in Power Editor.



3. First of all, you need to sort all the data by campaign and then create a new one.


4. Give a name to your campaign and insert the ad buying type and objective which is definitely the Video Views for driving more traffic to the site. Click on the Create Ad.


5. Now, go to the Ad sets tab from Campaign tab and create a new ad set for your video ads. Ad set defines the group of ads targeting a specific audience. For each target group, there must be different ad set. For better analyzing the results, segment your ad sets precisely.


6. Set the budget, targeting method and bidding model at the ad set level.

For setting up an ideal viewer profile for video, follow the below process:

  • Switch from the campaign view to the ad set view and select the ad set, you need to setup (usually, the recent one).
  • fb115Click the Ads tab and create new ad.
    • Give a name to the ad and customize the values.
    • Select the promotion page URL.
    • Insert the text and upload video.
    • Fix the call to action.

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