How To Create Fresh Flavored Water At Home

natural or synthetic essences

Our body is made of about 60% of water. That is why we can only survive only a few drinks without getting in some extra fluids. Another great reason why you should drink more water is that it keeps your skin moisturized, so by drinking more water you will actually look better. Dehydration might also affect your mood, so drinking enough water might make you happier and avoid headaches. Water can also help you improve your overall athletic performance, even if you practice sport just as a hobby. Drinking enough water can also help you loose wait and help you prevent some diseases, including cancer. Finally, water flushes out all the bacteria and other elements you might have in your body. But what if you don’t like drinking water that much? How can you make it sure to stay hydrated? The secret is to create healthy versions of your own water, by adding natural or synthetic essences to your water. You will see how easy it is! Let’s look at some of the great options.

If you like fruits, then creating fruit flavored water is just exactly what you need. Some of the best essences you can try out are: raspberry, blueberry or cherry flavors. You can add them separately or mix them up all together. Another great option is creating a real tropical mix, by mixing up banana, melon and orange flavors.

If you like your water to be minty, you can add mint or anise flavor to your water. You will be surprised at how fresh and cool it tastes! These flavors are great in any season of the year, both in summer and in winter.

One of the best innovative mixes you can create all by yourself at home is adding basil, cucumber and lime flavors! This is one of the trendiest combinations of the moment: it will make you feel hydrated already after the first sip! Finally, if you’d like to find something truly unique, you can play with spices and add cinnamon or cardamom flavors to your water.

Now that you now how easy it can be drinking go water, you can go and experiment many new flavors!