How to Create Humor

Creating humor just to make people laugh is not easy. Any stand-up comedian or humorist will always tell you this. You have to be an expert in judging and understanding people’s mood before you can even attempt to make them laugh.

There are other things you must consider. Things like people’s ability to understand where or what you are driving at with your jokes or stories must also be seriously taken into account. This is because if they do not have the ability to follow, your joke might not come out as a good one because you might end up being in that difficult spot where you also have to explain to them the point of your joke/s and once you start doing that, the fun of the joke is completely lost!

A stand-up comedian should also have the ability to understand how sensitive people can get. You need to be able to understand this before you set out to make jokes that borders on such sensitive issues like racism, ethnicity, homosexuality or even religion.

But stand-up comedy might even be easier than writing humor. This is because in stand-up comedy, the audience or spectators have the ability to see the comedian face to face and this will allow the comedian to use his body language to add to the humor effects. He can dance, he can make faces at the audience, and he can even ‘insult’ or use some people in the audience as examples to make his jokes lively.

This face to face experience will also avail him the opportunity to read these people and their countenances properly so as to be able to know the nature and types of jokes he is going to be telling them in his quest to get them to laugh by way of entertaining them.

But creating humor is not easy for the humorist who strictly writes as he does not have at his disposal all those feedback mechanism that will let him perform at the top of his game. A humorist will strictly have to rely on the imaginations of his readers alone. There is no way he is going to get the feedback instantly from what s/he has done.

This means the he just have to be very very creative and imaginative to effectively drive home his jokes and stories to his audience and then hope for the best. He also has to choose as well as present his characters very well and effectively apply his satires, sarcasm, euphemism, farce, ironies, hyperbole or exaggerations, and of course good timing to create a very lasting effect on their imaginations with his usually wry sense of humor and of course, he has to be witty.

He needs to be able to know how to spin his yarns in a very easy to understand manner so that he will not leave any of his readers hanging, although it is completely allowed and he will be so much appreciated if he treats them with a full dose of suspense here and there. In fact, the humorist’s correct usage of suspense can make his audience to always cry out for more and keep him/her in constant demand.

He needs to apply his sense of humor in his vivid descriptions while carefully introducing those little but necessary twists that will just help him to achieve his goals which is to get his unseen audience to laugh.

A good humorist must also never forget to sprinkle his stories with a bit of lies because lies are also a huge part of what can make any story funny as lies are inherently funny themselves. One other aspect of creating or writing humor that should never be neglected is the delivery. The punchline should be superb and solid enough to make a punchy impact on his/her readers!

Like I mentioned earlier, all these considerations make the creation of humor seem to be a very tall order but the good news is that once a humorist is able to get his acts right, he can be rest assured that his audience will react positively and warm up to him immediately even without seeing him in person.

This is because people love to laugh. People love to be entertained. People love to forget their sorrows. People like to laugh at their stupidities as well as the follies or stupidities of others, their pains, their disappointments, their losses and even their success!

In fact, people love to laugh because they have earlier realized even without being told that laughter is still the best medicine! No wonder, some women will always tell you that one of the sublime qualities they are always watching out for in men is a good sense of humor and that’s because they just want to laugh and be happy!.

You must have heard that there is time for everything and it is so true. But one thing I have discovered is that people all over the world will always find a way to make out a time to laugh and this is because laughter is a universal language!

It is now left for the comedian or humorist to come up with certain types of stories that will help him to achieve this noble goal of making people laugh.

But why am I telling you all these? And how do I know all these?

Of course I am speaking from experience. Those were the things I found out for myself when I attempted to make someone laugh. Believe it or not, I have just completed one attempt to make you to laugh with my own sense of humor and I tell you it wasn’t easy by any means.

Throughout the whole process, one thing kept me going. It was the attempt to try because I just knew I had to try. Immediately I got over with that decision, I felt the first sign of disappointment – what if these people did not feel like laughing?

So, I became worried.

This is not because people do not know the importance of laughter (although I am certain some people don’t) but it mostly because I am so aware of the various problems and challenges that life is always presenting to us thereby distracting us from one of the basic purpose and joy of being human and being alive which happens to be the feeling of being happy all the time.

But since I am well aware of the fact that most people still need a lot of laughter in their lives, if not for anything, but for their inspiration and for the sustenance of their everlasting hope that “tomorrow will be better” after all “where there is life, there is hope” and that hope is the “hope for a better tomorrow”, I shrugged my shoulders in defiance and decided to push on and continue tryin’.

But the burning question that still remained was how will I be able to do this? You see, I was trapped because I already knew I’m not a comedian, not even close.

Although like so many other people, I consider myself to be funny and so many people have even told me so too, I just discovered that I knew little or nothing about how to get people to laugh the way I would really love and hopefully want them to.

Sometimes, I might clown but I normally do this for children because they are the only set of human beings that I have discovered have a very weird sense of humor whereby any little thing can easily make them to start giggling and revealing their not yet completely filled gums in the process when they laugh.

But I still knew I had to try

The good news is that I finally succeeded. I ended up creating this humorous little piece which I called Funny Bible Stories You Were Never Told.