How to Create Outstanding Blog Posts that Stand Out from the Crowd

Who else wants to create outstanding blog posts?

If you are trying to build a popular blog, having great CONTENT is all you want. Without having epic contents, you will never build a platform where your readers or customers buy the products from you.

Having great content will not only improve your online brand but it will give you a great platform to stand out from the crowd. People definitely follow those people who stand out from the crowd, right?

So are you ready to stand out with your content?

Here are few effective tips to creating great content that stands out from the crowd.

Cut Down “I” Posts

Blog postMost bloggers love ‘bragging’. Though blogs are created for the purpose of expressing thoughts, you will never succeed if you write ONLY about yourself. Just imagine from your readers point of view; who will like when you write ‘all about me’ kind of posts?

Here are few simple ways to write the content that stands for something.

• Write for others instead of bragging
• Solve their problems in your posts and
• Give a strong reason for people to visit your blogs

You may not get desired results in the beginning, but when you focus on solving your reader’s problems for a consistent period of time, you will definitely notice better results.

Focus on One Problem

No one likes to read the posts which talk about multiple topics. If you want to create outstanding blog posts “focus on ONE problem at a time”. This will alone help you to build thriving audience around your network.


When you focus on solving one problem per post, you will more likely create better solutions for ONE problem. And that’s what your audience wants.They will share and link to you if you write captivating posts which focus on single problem.

Break Paragraphs into Small Chunks

Long and boring paragraphs just SUCK. There is lots of difference between offline writing and online writing. Online readers prefer skimming the posts because they have less attention span.

When you write your posts using long paragraphs (more than 6 lines or so), they will find it hard to skim through the contents – hence they will ignore reading or sharing your posts.

Anywhere around 3 to 6 lines per paragraph is good for online reading.

Make it Easy to Skim

Sub heads make your content appealing and great. By using subheads with h2 and h3 tags you will not only give your readers great reading experience, but it will also improve the search engine rankings for the desired keywords.

Use appealing images and ask questions at the end of your posts to grab your reader’s attention.

Create Catchy Headlines

Use “headline hacks” by Jon Morrow to create great headlines without any hassle. Most bloggers don’t focus on writing captivating headlines; they use generic headlines which don’t attract others to click on it.

The #1 goal while writing outstanding posts should be this: make someone click on your posts.

Spend quality time in coming up with great titles for your posts (it’s always a better practice of coming up with 3 to 5 headlines for each and every post that you write).

Often Link to Others

Most bloggers don’t get enough attention because they either link to their own posts or they don’t link at all. Internal linking will certainly enhance your anchored text keywords, but also make a note that, your external (relevant) links play a great role in search engines.

Moreover they will let other bloggers easily know about your sites, it’s often a great way to build strong relationships with others in your niche.
So, don’t be selfish; promote or link to others blog posts.Linking to others too often can help you build a better network around your blogs.

Retrace Blog Archives

Your blog archives are your most valuable assets. They will give you a clear idea of what type of contents you write most and you can also notice where your readers are reacting more.

The tips worked for me may not work for your blogs, but you can analyze which works better on your blogs by retracing your old blog posts or customize old content with the help of WordPress plugins. Spend some time in researching your old blog posts, try to write series posts or transform the contextual posts into videos or audios. This way you can generate more traffic to your blogs too.

Check out your Google Analytics to analyze the BEST posts on your blogs, and write posts on the similar topics (your readers might be wanting them more from you).