How to Create Your First “World of Warcraft” Character

“World of Warcraft” (WoW) is a very popular Massively-Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG) created by Blizzard Entertainment. Like other MMORPG’s, WoW allows players to interact and work together (or against one another) in the game world on their PC, while completing quests and challenges in a fantasy setting.

For many people, getting started in a game like WoW can be a bit overwhelming and even intimidating! The good news is, Blizzard continues to make the process easier for new players, and creating your first character and starting to level up is simpler (and cheaper!) than ever.


  1. Purchase and install the original “World of Warcraft” game. For the time being, don’t worry about any of the expansion packs; you can purchase them as you level up. As part of the installation process, create a WoW account.
  2. Start the game by double-clicking the short-cut icon on your desktop, and log in using your WoW account email and password.
  3. Choose your realm. If you already have friends playing WoW, find out what realm they play on and choose the same realm if you want to be able to interact with your friends in the gaming world. Otherwise, choose a realm that best fits your location and play style. In “RP” realms, players role play while in-game, meaning they think up back stories for their characters and talk to one another “in character.” In “PvP” realms, players can attack other players from different factions any time they come across each other. In “Normal” realms, players can only attack each other at designated times or in designated areas.
  4. Choose your faction and race. The two faction choices are Horde and Alliance, and each of them have different races to pick from. There are no specific advantages between the different factions. Each race has racial characteristics that are small bonus advantages. For example, Orcs (Horde faction) have a small bonus when attacking with ranged weapons, which makes them a good race for the Hunter class.
  5. Choose your class. Your class is your main role in the game and defines how you will spend much of your game time. They are broken into three main groups: pure damage classes (such as Mages, Warlocks, and Hunters), healing classes (such as Priests and Paladins), and tanking classes (such as Warriors). There is cross-over between many of the classes. For example, Warriors can be tanks (who can take a lot of damage without dying) or damage classes. Paladins can be tanks, damage dealers, or healers as can Druids. Don’t worry; there are many choices, but the character creation screen also gives basic info on the capabilities and advantages of different races and classes.
  6. Choose your character’s gender and appearance. WoW allows you to select from male or female, and you can choose from a variety of hair styles and colors, as well as facial features depending on your race.
  7. Choose a name. Every name can only be used once on each realm. This means that if the name you want for your character is already being used on that realm, you must pick a different name or different realm. Offensive names are not allowed.
  8. Enter the world and start playing! The first time you enter the world, you will get a fun cinematic that gives you the background of your character’s race.


  • Remember, you can only have 10 characters on each realm.
  • Try searching the WoW armory online first to see if your character name is taken before doing the work of creating the character on a realm and having your name rejected.