How to Cure Panic Attacks?

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People suffering from panic attacks feel a sudden fear without any warning sign. Their heart beat is accelerated, they sweat, they are shaking and they have a chest pain but another symptoms can also occur. People with repeated panic attacks are said to have panic disorder. According to the latest researches, every 5th people suffers at least one panic attack during his/her lifetime and around 6 million people have panic disorder in the USA. Therefore panic disorder is a widespread health problem and it should be taken seriously.

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The possible treatments include psychotherapies, medication and meditatio. In this article I will shortly describe all of the possible ways to cure panic attacks.


Most of the psychologists use a combination of cognitive and behavioral therapies to cure panic attacks and panic disorder.

The first part of therapy is informational: they help the patients to understand exactly what panic attack is, how many people suffer from it and how it can be treated. Many people who suffer from panic disorder are worried that their panic attacks can worsen. They sometimes they have fears like the panic attacks might induce a heart attack, etc. Cognitive restructuring helps people replace such thoughts with a more realistic and more positive way of viewing the panic attacks.

Medication options

The usually offered and effective panic disorder medications include antidepressants (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, SSRI, and selective serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors, SSNRI), and anti-anxiety drugs (the benzodiazepine families of medications). They are all approved by FDA.

Unfortunately these medications can have withdrawal symptoms which can make the attacks worse and also they can develop tolerance and physical dependence.

Alternative treatments

One of helpful and drug free treatment for panic disorders is meditation. Also natural treatments including kava are said to be useful but research evidences did not confirm these statements.

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