How To Deal with Megalomanics

They are the most obnoxious people on the planet. They are also incompetent, confused, pompous and have to be in charge of everything. Anything they are involved with is a crashing failure.

Megalomaniacs love to talk about themselves. They make everything they do, go, see, have sound ten times more wonderful than it is. If two people recognize them; ‘Everyone was calling to me.’ They can claim to be great fathers, so neglectful and oblivious they don’t see how their kids avoid them.

Anytime you have to be in arm’s length of this kind of person, say nothing about yourself. Let them do all the talking. Either they will run their mouths like a toilet with a broken flushometer, claiming to have done everything, (often using the royal ‘We’ because they are too great to be only one person) or will lapse into a silence. This means they consider you so far beyond them they don’t need to recognize your existence.

If you have to work with them you can always find tasks for them to do by suggesting that you’ll do it. All they need to hear is that you are going to do something that they can’t take credit for and they snatch the job from you as if it is an award.

If you have to do business with them, don’t. They are usually living on inherited or accidental money which they pile into unsuccessful businesses. Many of these businesses are ‘legacy’, meaning that someone died and left a going concern to their incompetency so it is going down.

They may claim to own so much or have so much, it’s usually an illusion.

One of the attractions of such people is as a mark. They can never believe some inferior being could rip them off so will not want to prosecute and suffer the humiliation of the whole world knowing that they were tricked, so suck it up.

Where an average person is a bit more suspicious because the possibility exists that they could be tricked, the Megalomaniac is so certain he is far smarter, craftier and all around better than everyone else that he is the easiest and safest mark.

If you have to work for one of them, alas.