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How to Decide Which Jeep Brand to Purchase

Choosing a specific brand of Jeep to purchase may seem very confusing for the first-time Jeep buyer. You might be asking yourself whether you should buy an older Jeep or a newer one, or what kind of features you’re looking for. Making the right decision involves knowing what you want from your purchase and knowing the difference between the Jeeps you’re considering. Having a trustworthy and reputable Jeep dealer is also very important.

The Issues of Older Jeeps

The age of the Jeep you are considering is very important. Older Jeeps have a certain appeal, but are often temperamental and require frequent adjustments. Their suspension tends to be a little stiffer than that of newer models and there are well-documented concerns with the usefulness of the heaters in older models. Older Jeeps of any brand are more likely to have been modified, leaving an inexperienced Jeep owner bewildered when it comes to repairs.

Looks Don’t Mean Much

When choosing a Jeep, keep in mind that looks aren’t exactly the most important factor in deciding whether or not it fits your needs. If you want something for off-road adventures, look further than big tires and lift kits. Check out the four-wheel drive, the axles, U-joints and transmission, too. Again, choosing the right Jeep for you depends largely on your needs for it.

Choosing Your Favorite

Lighter-duty options include the Jeep Compass and the Jeep Patriot. These aren’t very well-suited for off-road adventuring, but do well for a basic family SUV. Nearly every Jeep is light-trail-capable, but more aggressive models are needed for heavier trail use. Solid options for heavier off-road use include the CJ, the Wrangler, the original Cherokees and some models of the Grand Cherokee. These models in more recent model years are more suitable for heavier trail use because they are fuel-injected, rather than relying on a carburetor. Most Jeep brands were switched over to fuel injection during the early 1990s, so nearly any Jeep available from a reputable Jeep dealer is going to feature fuel injection.

Different Options

Mechanically, there is little difference from one model of Wrangler to another, for instance. Wranglers are available as Sport, Sahara and Islander models, among others. These designations are typically to denote the options package the Wrangler is equipped with, such as nicer seats, better stereo and air conditioning. One exception to this is the Rubicon, which is one of the best and, arguably, one of the most capable of all publically available manufactured 4×4 vehicles.

Making the Final Choice

Choosing the right Jeep for your needs is easy if you do your research. If you know what each model offers, and understand your needs clearly, you’ll end up with the best Jeep for you. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice from other Jeep owners. Often, those who already own Jeeps are the best source of information when you’re making your decision. There are lots of useful, trustworthy options for finding information, from online forums to your local Jeep dealer.

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