How to Decorate With Tall Plants

Using tall plants as a decorative fixture is a great idea. Plants, when well taken care of, can last for a long time. It not only adds accent to the spot where it is placed, but also makes the particular corner look alive and vibrant. There are many spots inside and outside the house which, when placed with plants, could turn in to a more relaxed, cool, and comfortable spot.

There are many kinds of tall plants which can be used. An example of which are palms. Palms are tall, slender plants with arched fronds. They grow well in medium light and humid temperature. Another type of plant that can be used is the dracaena. These are often called corn plants. They prefer bright lights and could tolerate indoor temperature. The ficus is also a good choice to be used as decorative plant. The spider plant is known to be an easy maintenance plant. They are known to be adaptable to various ranges of condition. In order to make use of a plant as a decoration, one should consider the choice of corner where the tall plants should be placed. The following are suggestions on how to decorate using tall plants:

Decorating the foyer with a tall plant

Using three to four plants of different heights, arrange the potted plants side by side at the foyer. Let the leaves and branches trail, to get a dramatic more effect.

Decorating the living room

When decorating a living room with tall plants, place the potted plant over a hollow dish to prevent the soil from spilling on the living room floor. Next, look for a corner where you could place the potted plant. One of the most commonly used spot is in between the sofa and the wall. Carefully place the plant at your chosen spot and see instant changes in the ambience of the living room.

Decorating the front door

You can make use of varied potted tall plants. Arrange them in such a way that will suit you, preferably an empty corner near the front door to add a splash of color into your house.

Decorating the kitchen corner

Add life and more green to your kitchen by placing a tall potted plant at the kitchen corner. Choose a type of tall plant with slender leaves and airy look to give your kitchen a fresh feel.

Hiding dents and holes

Plants could provide instant answer when it comes to imperfections such as holes and dents. Choose the plant you prefer and cover the damaged spot with your chosen plant.

Decorating with tall plants is a simple task. Yet, effort when it comes to maintenance and grooming of these plants is needed. You just need to find out what the type of plant you prefer and the conditions which are livable for the plants. There are wide selections of plants that can be used for decorative purposes. These plants are adaptable to different conditions and would need minimal care. Not only will it make a dull room look lively, they could also help in solving the problem of global warming.