How to Decorate your Entrance Doors

Entrance doors are the first things your guests see when they come to visit you. Entry doors are reflective of your personality. They can be great examples of how you live your life – literally showcasing your lifestyle. Hence, putting in that extra effort to get these designed or decorated requires some inspiration and we have got some for you!

Door signs or nameplates

Consider decorating your main entryway door with a wooden or metallic door sign or a nameplate. You can have your name or surname or even your house’s name engraved on these. This is an excellent way to let people know who resides in your address. Opt for a simple yet elegant style; avoid flashy signs. Also, choose engraved alphabets on these plates and you have them made with wood, metal or vinyl plastic.


Another great way of making your main entryway door more attractive is by placing a flower wreath on the door. Alternatively, you can place big vases with artificial or inartificial flowers, depending on your décor needs. UPVC casement doors look very stylish with these accessories around them.

Door Paints

Painting the entrance doors in superior or shiny shades is another idea that you can play with. Pair the paint colours with your interiors to create a comprehensive look.

Door Accessories

Knockers, wind chimes, bells, etc. are some of the most commonly used door accessories. You can select from among a plethora of interesting designs and shapes and decorate your entrance door the way you like.

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