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How To How to Delete Duplicate Photos from Your Windows Computer

How to Delete Duplicate Photos from Your Windows Computer


Duplicates are nuisance. They not only unnecessarily occupy hard-disk space but also clutter your system.

Images are one of the files that could be easily duplicated. Your PC being the repository of all your stuffs related to digital life, you may never think twice before syncing all your photos (from external storage devices and cameras) to it. If you do a lot of Internet research, you may download many pictures and copy-paste them at different locations as per the convenience.

When was the last time you tried to find the number of duplicate or similar pictures that might be lying unnoticed in the nooks and crannies of your system?

My hard-disk was getting increasingly slower and was almost full. Moving towards a Solid State Drive (SSD) was an obvious choice, but I simply didn’t want to move everything from hard-disk to SSD, not at least the clutter that I accumulated over time that was responsible for such a miserable performance of my hard-disk at the first place.

Note: If data transfer rates are unbearably slow, consider swapping your HDD with SSD.

Naturally, I was looking for some easy-to-use application that could remove the unwanted.

I used many duplicate finders that claimed to remove all duplicate files (including music and images files) but the results were far from satisfactory. In fact, some didn’t even allow me to see what duplicate files I am about to delete.

As my computer had thousands of photographs, using a dedicated duplicate photo remover was a sound idea. A little research yielded a few good options, and Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro was one of them. Although not a free utility, this application is worth the price I paid.

User-interface is intuitive and friendly; getting rid of similar and duplicate photos is a matter of a few minutes. Let’s see how it works:

(I have used the sample images taken from Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro’s official website.)

Step 1: Add Photos and Folders

You can click on Add Folder and select the folders you want to scan for similar or identical images, or you can drag and drop the folders.

If you want to scan the whole computer, add all the drives (C, D, E, F, or any other external drive).

How to Delete Duplicate Photos from Your Windows Computer

Step 2 (Optional): Comparison Method

You can keep this on default.

If you want, you can tweak ‘Matching Level’. If set on ‘low’, the application will show even slightly similar images in the results, and if set on ‘high’, it will pick only identical images with little or no edits.

By default, the slider is balanced between the two extremes, and this gives good results without any hassle.

Step 3: Mark Photos You Want to Delete

How to Delete Duplicate Photos from Your Windows Computer

The results will be shown in the form of duplicate groups in which each group shows the batch of similar photos. You can either use ‘Auto Mark’ feature or manually check the images you want to delete.

Auto Mark will select all images for deletion except one from each group so that the original image can be kept safe.

Step 4: Delete Marked Photos

This is the final step. After selecting the photos, click on ‘Delete Marked’. The images will not be permanently removed and will be sent to recycle bin from where you can restore any photos that you may have mistakenly deleted.

How to Delete Duplicate Photos from Your Windows Computer

In these four simple steps, I got my computer relieved from hundreds of similar and duplicate photographs that I amassed over time, and I restored 1.5 GB of storage space.

I used Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro and coupled it with a few free utilities to clean my hard-disk. This made my task of moving to SDD way easier.

I would recommend you to use the trail version of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro first as the version will allow you to scan your Windows system for duplicate and similar photos. You can remove only 15 photos for free.

If the number of duplicates are high, using Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is a good bargain.


How to Delete Duplicate Photos from Your Windows Computer
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