How to Describe Your Tech Problem to an Online PC Support Professional?

Do you face serious problems while describing your tech issues to an online technical support technician? If yes, then quickly scan this article to know about some cool tips that can help you to describe your tech problems easily to online computer support professionals.

Sometimes, you might feel annoyed when your PC troubleshooting sessions aren’t to fix those critical tech issues and continue to hamper your work efficiency. Many users are heading towards availing online technical support, but they frequently remain worried about how to explain their tech problem precisely to a remote technician. Communicating the wrong problem, not considering the important performance flaws and claiming unnecessary reasons behind that particular issue are some of the common disasters every average PC user makes. If you aren’t able to fix your computer problem yourself and have decided to hire an online computer support company, then follow these tips to learn how to communicate PC problems efficiently.

1. Prepare Yourself

It is always beneficial to prepare yourself, before posting a query on the forum or calling remote tech support companies. Once you prepare yourself for describing the issue, you’ll be able to describe your issues to the technician clearly, resulting in impactful repairs. Additionally, if the technician will clearly understand the issue with your device then this will ensure appropriate resolution within the minimum possible time. For example, reading out the error message heading or communicating the entire error message will help the technician in understanding what exactly your computer is doing? Providing details of when did the problem start occurring, any other services getting affected by the tech issue or describing virus alerts can help you avail tech support instantly.

2. Being Specific Reduces Confusion and Ensures Speedy Solutions

Being thorough and specific while describing your tech issues to an online computer technician is extremely important. Since you’re using the device, you can easily confront the troubles your computer is facing, but a remote technician sitting on the other end is not aware of such issues. So be specific and tell the whole story in as much detail as possible to avail helpful computer support without any delay. For example, simply saying ‘My computer just quit working’ doesn’t provide all the details about the issue. You’ll have to describe the exact scenario like what, when and why the issue occurred and provide the technician with all the details about its model, make, brand, operating system, and others.

3. Try to Be Clear and Concise

Crisp, concise and clear communication is the key to describe your PC issue properly to a PC repair professional. The prime reason, behind typing your post or making a phone call, is to communicate the problem to the concerned person for availing best tech resolutions. If you’re seeking technical assistance online or through the chat process, then ensure that you describe the problem with clarity and using ALL CAPS and ‘thank you’ to reduce distractions. While getting help over the phone, then apply the basic communication rules – speak slowly, pronounce properly, and be nice to the technician who will be assisting you to resolve the problem.

4. Be Calm and Patient as You’ll Get a Resolution

Obviously, you don’t like computer problems and sometimes the same goes with your computer repairing technician. The remote technician may sometimes hate computer problems even more than you therefore getting emotional might frustrate him and work against availing support solutions quickly. Always remember that the person on the call or over the chat didn’t design the computer hardware or software that is raising problems for you. Try to control your anger, rage and frustration while explaining your tech issues to an online computer support technician because he is not responsible to anything.


Sometimes, you might not feel comfortable while disclosing your PC’s configuration and details in order to ensure complete computer security. But you should consider that only remote technicians have the capability to fix your issues anytime, anywhere. You can call a single vendor to avail numerous services like virus removal, OS configuration, driver support, PC tune-up, update install, and many others. So next time you call an online technical support engineer, share everything that is correct and relevant to your tech issue because these professionals are highly knowledgeable and enjoy helping!