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How to Detect “Error Sector Not Found” and Other Hard Drive Errors Using the CHKDSK Tool?

If you want your computer in good health, then you must develop the good practice of checking your hard disk drive for errors. A hard drive error can lead to complete hard disk failure. Thus, you must check the condition of your hard drives.

It gets essential to keep a watch on your Hard Disk health if you are getting hard drive error messages such as “Error sector not found,” etc. For the purpose, you can use the Windows built-in tool called CHKDSK. CHKDSK refers to Check Disk. This tool is a great way through which you can check your hard disk drive health and avoid hard disk failure.

This blog elaborates on how to use the CHKDSK tool:

How do hard disk errors happen?

Hard disk errors that lead to the flashing of error messages such as “Error sector not found” occur because your hard drive has moving parts that causes wear and tear.

Only the CD/DVD drive doesn’t have moving parts, rest all the hard drives of your computer or laptop have moving parts. The hard drive moving parts rotate with the speed of 7200 revolutions per minute whether or not you are using your computer. As the hard drive spins, so it gets wear and tear. As a result, bad sectors get created. Bad sectors mean a part of the drive that has got unresponsive.

Thus, if you try to access the data or information stored in that part of the drive, then you will get error messages. That means that you will not be able retrieve the data in the bad sector. Not just the spinning of the hard drives even bumping or dropping off your laptop or PC, and even power surges lead to disk errors.

What can CHKDSK do?

Thus, improper physical handling of your laptop or computer in combination with 7200 revolutions per minute spinning speed lead to the hard drive wear and tear. As a result, bad sectors and file errors occur that cause flashing of error messages.

CHKDSK can help as it looks for cluster errors and file errors. It is not necessary that you will get hard drive error messages every time. Many a times, it happens that users don’t even realize that there is any hard drive problem in their PC till they confront complete hard disk failure.

To learn about the status and health of your hard drive, you must run CHKDSK periodically. There are two methods to run the tool: the graphical version and the command-line version.

1. Run the graphical version

• Click Start

• Then click ‘Computer.’

• Select the drive

• Right-click on the drive then click on ‘Properties.’

• Go to the Tools tab

• Click the ‘Check Now button.’

• A new window will open flashing two options:

o Automatically Fix File System Errors (checked by default)

o Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors

• Keep the boxes unchecked

• Now, click ‘Start’ button and wait for a report

• Click on the ‘Details’ arrow

• If there is any error in your hard drive, then it will show up in the report.

• Now, re-run CHKDSK tool

• Click ‘Schedule disk check.’

Now, next time when you will restart your Windows PC, the CHKDSK will run before the Windows starts up.

2. Run Command-line version

If you choose the command-line version, then CHKDSK will perform a sector-by-sector surface check of the hard disk. That will take some time. If CHKDSK finds an error sector, then it will routinely make the attempt to recover the information stored in that sector. Also, it will mark that the drive has defective sector so that your Windows don’t use that sector in future to store the information.


If your PC has, started showing error messages like “Error sector not found,” then you must surely run the CHKDSK tool. But even after running the tool, if you are not getting error messages, then also it is a good practice to watch out the current status your hard disk drive. Thus, from time-to-time, you must run the CHKDSK utility tool and ensure the good condition of your hard drives.

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