How to develop an effective Business Satisfaction Survey?

A business satisfaction survey can provide your company with important information to attract new clients and increase profits. Here are a few tips to help you develop an effective customer survey.

1: Keep it short:
Asking customers to complete a Business Satisfaction Survey is asking them for a favor. Their time is valuable, so keep the survey short. Five to ten questions should be enough to obtain information that will help you make important decisions about your business operations.

2: Keep it simple:
Offer an easy, speedy answer process. True and false, short fill-in answers, multiple choices, or a spectrum between two numbers, such as one and ten, for example, are popular survey styles. All can be taken within a few moments of time, which is likely to prompt customers to respond.

3: Keep it basic:
Ask questions related to the most important aspects of your business. Focus on those where you suspect or have identified a problem. For example, you may notice that few customers visit your business between seven and nine p.m. A Consumer satisfaction survey question could ask whether customers plan to utilize that time slot or whether it can be phased out to reduce overhead costs. If you’ve noticed inventory patterns of high or low sales, your questions can address these varying trends to determine if they are temporary or permanent.

4: Keep it focused:
Target a practical sampling of your customer base that is important for sales or that is likely to respond. These might be frequent buyers or local residents. Choose a contact method they prefer to use, such as direct mail, email, social networking, or phone call. Contact them during a time when they will probably find it most convenient to respond. For example, the beginning or end of the month is usually busy times for people who are getting paid and paying bills or meeting other obligations. The same is true for the beginning or end of the work week. Mid-week and midmonth are often effective survey times. Phone contacts may be more often answered during evening hours after dinner.

5: Keep it meaningful:
Showing gratitude to respondents can make the survey a win-win effort. Offer coupons, discounts, or the promise that survey information will be carefully considered in future company decisions. A personal thank-you note is helpful, if feasible. Show customers their opinion counts, and they will appreciate it.

Collecting survey data is a strategic way to ensure your business continues to flourish. Take time to prepare a Business Satisfaction Survey instrument that will be convenient to use and facilitate customer feedback. Then compile and analyze the information collected to improve the overall efficiency of your company’s operations and ensure future success.