How to Differentiate Between a Good or a Bad Lawyer?

Before moving any further, it is very important to ask you one question – Are you aware of the American legal system? If you are looking for an experienced lawyer for immigration to USA you certainly need to have good understanding of both – the American legal system and the immigration system. This will simplify the process of immigration to some extent. Further, you need to know who is an ideal lawyer for your case. This is really critical! So, who is going to help you?

Definitely, some of the points discussed here:

• Complaints lodged with the bar association: It is very important to know the past record of the lawyer you are considering. There is one place where you can get all the information – the bar association. Here you will also get to know if there is any complaint lodged against the lawyer or not. You can also check the list of disciplined attorneys issued by the Executive Office for immigration. This will give you a clear picture about your attorney’s personality and his/her credibility in the business.

• Referral from friends: A very convenient and comparatively safer option. Generally, people prefer this method, but in reality it is not a very good way of finding an experienced lawyer for immigration to the USA.

• Referral from non-profits: It is certainly a better way of selecting a good attorney for your immigration process. Most of these non-profit organizations keep a list of good attorneys, which they recommend to the immigrants. It is a safer option as these organizations are authentic and they do it just to help the immigrants.

• Instinct: There is nothing more powerful and real than your own instinct. If you are feeling that your attorney is not giving your ample time or is not responsive enough or is coming unprepared to the court, it is high time. You have every right to go for a second opinion. Immediately look for a better option, otherwise you might just lose it.

It is true that finding a good attorney is a difficult task, especially when you don’t know the American legal system. But if you spare some quality time in investigating about the good and the bad attorneys and their past work records you will end up choosing the right lawyer for your immigration to USA. This is the best way to get the legal assistance you deserve.