How To Disappear

There are times in life, you want to just disappear. It is not because of crime. Sometimes your life is unbearable.

One of the most vital items is a birth certificate.

In large, first world countries, you need to go to some big city far from where you are, and visit cemeteries. Find someone born in and around the same year you were who died years ago.

Apply for that birth certificate. Once you get it, go to another city. In America you would apply for a social security card.

If you can get someone else’s birth certificate, or someone else’s social security card, you can skip these steps.

Once you have that new identity, go to another state, and try to find work. It doesn’t matter what it is. You need a job, you need a place to live.

You chose you first hometown based on jobs. There are places which need workers. They may be temporary, they may be low level, but they need them, so that is where you go.

The name you are using should be sort of ‘cut and pasted’. For example, suppose your documents identify you are Loretta Rosanne Sherman. L.R. Sherman, Rita Sherman, Rose Sherman, are a few examples of how you style yourself. For men, Edward Phillip Maltz can be E.P. Maltz, Eddie Maltz, Phil Maltz. You can use a nick, so that everyone knows you as ‘Jumpy’ or ‘Candy’ or any kind of nick that can stick.

When it comes to your biography, go for what you remember. Often, you ‘steal’ the life of a friend of yours. You know that Mickey has two brothers, and older married sister. So when ask, give them Mickey’s past. Not much, just those sprinkles in a sentence.

Once you are somewhat ‘at home’ it is time to pick a more stable situation. You might, for example, work and take courses so as to give you a kind of occupation. You might find a job in another city.

Rarely is this first dive complete. Often you wind up where you don’t want to be, doing what you hate, and broke all the time. It is only a ‘test run’. Sure, it might turn out to be the right place. But in many cases, it isn’t.

As you continue in your impersonation of whomever, you might find another identity even better. You can easily shift, and move.

Keep yourself open to possibilities. There are often stray chances that flit by that one normally doesn’t take. When you are open, you will find these chances, and having nothing to lose, take them.

Never connect to your past. No calls, nothing. Let it go. Create a new life. And live it.