How to discover your life purpose instantly!

Life as we know has a limited amount of time for us. We have one lifetime to build a happy life, to see our children grow, to see our relatives leave us, to witness ourselves get older every year.

As we pass through stages in our life, we have a certain assurance that death is approaching faster than we are able to comprehend its meaning.

As you read this post, you begin to ponder the direction you are heading forth, the meaning you intend to draw forth in your life. Ask yourself what if my life thus far has been a mistake? What if the life i have been living has been a toxic belief that was passed on by well-intentioned relatives? What if the biggest obstacle between me and my greatest life is a huge barrier of fear and lack of confidence?

Now the main question for you to answer, what if i started to live a little differently from this point onwards to approach my intended life deliberately? If you can conceive and imagine the answer assmilate into your life then you have received the lesson succinctly.

From this day forth, observe the decisions that you make an organize and label your acts whether they are truly yours or they are a misrepresantation of someone else’s picture of the perfect you.

Get into that mental space where you cam focus on being authentic to the core, find the needle in the haystack. It is of course rather elusive to be able to find your center of authenticity. However with the right guidance and practice you will be able to consciously choose and act in the direction of your life purpose.

People don’t care about you, if you don’t already notice. No one told you how to live life because that is really how it should be. My point, life should be loved according to your own terms. Rules should serve you not irritate you.

People care how you benefit them, people crave to know how your life can cause them monumental changes whether financially, physically and/or emotionally. Your job is to outsource your purpose and giving others a reason to support you to improve.

If you can leverage and outsource the smaller task in your life, you would be able to focus your attention on building what truly counts; a life that matters to you and your loved ones.

If you can finish your purpose with minimum distractions you would be more capable of contributing to others what you are best at. Study your field better than anyone on this world, raise your standard higher than you need to. Go the extra mile and master your crafts.

In The ALXSLife we celebrate individuals who dare to be unique and who consistently push themselves to the level of best in the world. There is no boundary that can place a limit on your soul.
Use the system, study our methods and start flying in the direction of your life purpose.

I pray you be true to your truth, be kind to your faults, be generous with your deeds.
May you begin to live the life of the xtraordinary souls.