How to Do a Computer Repair After Hard Drive Crashes?

Did you experience a hard drive crash recently? Do not panic! You can use various methods of data recovery and satisfy all your data recovery needs very soon. For this reason, you are required to know about the type of the crash that has occurred and therefore you can come with the solutions easily.

Determine the Actual Cause of the Crash: The first and foremost thing you require is to identify the real cause of the crash. If you face any confusion while identifying, you may visit for clarifying your doubts. There are a lot of tools available in the market which can monitor the issues of the crashes. You can use the disk doctors drive manager and can be aware of the potential problems that can happen. The manager will not simply start booting your operating system, when your hard drive faces a crash. Instead, it will help in detecting the errors. If you can hear the whirring, clicking or the grinding noise from the computer, it might be a failure of physical drives. You should not try to reload your operating system at this point.

Physical Hard Drive Failure: If the hard drive crash is due to the physical malfunction, there is always a good chance of data recovery. You can carefully open the hard disk case and try to listen to the whirring sound properly. You can get an image or a clone of the hard drive, but that may be risky in this situation. The best solution will be, if you can remove the hard drive and insert it into a different system for retrieving the important data for recovery purpose.

Logical Hard Drive Failure: This type of failure generally occurs when the health of the physical hard drive is alright, but you are not able to boot the operating system. There can be various reasons like the attack of virus, malfunction of the software or any human error for this logical failure. As you cannot access the data at this point of time, it does not mean that the data is not present in your drive. Proactive approach like the backup of data is recommended if you possess valuable data in your system.

Buy a New Hard Drive: If you do not want to continue with the risk of losing your data, you should buy a new hard drive. You can get the old hard drive repaired with Taskbob’s laptop repair services in the meantime and save all your data in the new hard drive to save yourself from further disasters.

Create ‘Master’ and ‘Slave’ Drives: As soon as you have purchased and installed a new hard drive, you are required to reload the operating system into it. Now the new drive should be the primary one or the master drive, whereas the old one should serve the secondary purposes being the slave drive.

Recover Your Lost Data: When your computer starts running properly, you should take attempts to recover all your lost data. The data recovery software is designed for recovering the deleted data. The software will only help you with the recoverable data and for the irrecoverable ones; you will have to find the bits and pieces for creating new data files.

A novice may face some difficulty in recovering the data after a crash. If the severity level of the crash is very less, you can try your luck on the recovery process. The disaster can get even more severe if all the instructions are messed up. So, it is always advisable that you seek professional help if you are not confident about the source and the solution of the crash.