How To Do Email Marketing

Email marketing is the ultimate way to generate revenue online.

Anyone involved in internet marketing should be building subscriber lists. Whether you run an ecommerce store, an affiliate website or a blog you should be capturing the email addresses of your visitors. It makes sense; why would you let all those visitors, no matter how brief their visit, disappear, possibly never to return without, at least trying to capture their email addresses. Turning a one time visitor into a long term subscriber just makes good business sense.

So how is this achieved?

In its simplest form it requires nothing more than a subscription to an email service provider ( a company dedicated to capturing email addresses on your behalf and providing a email management role). Behind the scenes, this company is working hard to manage your subscriber lists and ensure the subscribers receive your emails. They also manage the unsubscription process to keep you on the right side of the can-spam regulations.

Using code provided by your email service provider (ESP) you can place one or more name capture boxes, otherwise referred to as an opt-in forms on your website. With additional work this process can be enhanced, to include slide in forms, lightbox forms and exit pop-up forms, all of which can increase the subscription rates.

Why would a visitor subscribe?

It’s usually necessary to offer something of interest to your visitor to make it worth their while to subscribe. If you have a quality newsletter, that may be sufficient inducement, but often something more is required. Some kind of useful free download is a common approach. An ebook, or piece of software are popular in the internet marketing niche. With an ecommerce site, a coupon offering a discount or bonus may be suitable.

The squeeze page approach is also a very successful online business model, where a mini-website is created purely to build a list of subscribers and add them to a sales funnel. One of the benefits of this particular model is that all your efforts can be focused on creating products for your sales funnel rather than having to keep a blog updated.

Being able to generate some income from a give-away process is achieved during the double opt-in process where, having subscribed, the visitor is sent to a thank you page. Here they are advised that a confirmation email has been sent to the email address entered into the subscription form. They need to click the confirmation link to receive the freebie gift.

A potential sale can be made by adding a suitable offer to the thank you page. Another chance for producing a sale is available on the download page, where the subscriber is sent to download the gift. One option often used is to do an ad-swap with another marketer. This involves displaying their offer and they do the same for you on their download page, which is a very good for adding additional names to both parties lists.

You can download a free guide to help you get started with your list building by clicking the link below.

Beginners Guide To Email Marketing