How To Do Nails: Grow Long Nails Faster

Here you can learn more about how to do nails, especially when you want ot find out more about how to grow long nails faster. Here you can learn how to grow nails faster in one of the most natural ways in the world. You can grow long nails faster by reading this article today.


You know all those times you ever saw someone with real beautiful nails, not fake fingernails by any means but real honest to goodness long fingernails and then you wonder to yourself, how he or she does it. Maybe you even know them well enough to ask. However, if you are not and you still want to know how to do nails to grow long nails faster I can give you some advice that will be helpful if you follow this advice for how to grow long fingernails.

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Remember that we are connected to the moon and the moon phases are one of the most important tips to remember when you want to grow long fingernails faster. You can study a farmer’s almanac to learn more about the moon phases. While you are checking out the almanac or a calendar that includes the moon phases be sure to pay attention to the astrological signs that accompany the date and the moon phase.

For instance, if you cut your nails on a full moon they will grow slow. The bonus here is that the full moon is the best time to wax any parts of your body if you do so in order to slow down hair growth.

Grow Long Nails Faster by the Dark of the Moon

Alternately, by cutting, trimming or doing your nails with a nail shaping tool of your choice during the new moon your nails will grow faster. In order to get the best and fastest nail growth possible, you should cut, trim or shape your fingernails during a new moon. The water new moons are always the best. However, they only come around every so often. You can shape your nails during any new moon and still get better nail growth than if you were to shape them during a full moon. Remember the full moon is a dying moon and this is when you can hinder growth. Choose the new moon when you are ready to do nails.

Use a pen or pencil to mark the dates that are the new moon on the calendar or in the almanac.

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Nail Shaping Tools are Essential when You Do Nails

Nail shaping tools include anything from a simple emery board, foam core emery board, a metal fingernail file or a nail art glass file. I prefer using foam core emery boards rather than emery boards and metal files. However, I would like to try using a glass file before I say that any one of them is my favorite. Right now, I would recommend the foam core emery boards.

I just went searching and after reading the reviews of two different brands of glass nail files I do not think I would like to spend my money on them for use. So I’m sticking with the kind I like. I’ll continue to use emery boards with foam cores. I like them the best of any others I have personally used.

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My Nail Shaping Schedule:

(This is what I do to cut my nails off short once they get too long and start getting in the way)

– During a new moon, I will soak my fingernails for about 1 – 11/2 hours in mild soapy water.

– After soaking my nails until they are soft, I cut a slant into one side and then cut from the edge into the slant. This creates an L shape in the nail I am trimming. I then cut from the other edge into the slant. The finished appearance is a straight cut. Then I just barely snip off the edges of that straight cut on both sides of the fingernail.

* I do it this way since my nail beds are narrower than most. Trimming or cutting my nails like this prevents the nail clippers from busting my nails or flattening them in its grip, which can cause hangnails or breakage. I also like the way that just barely making a slope looks on my nails compared to a flat straight cut or shape.

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– After allowing the nails to dry I follow the proper procedure taught in cosmetology school for shaping my nails and I prefer to use a foam core emery board.

That is all there is too it for me. I do not spend a great amount of time afterwards with cutting, trimming or shaping. Once I get the nails cut short and shaped, I generally am not bothered with hangnails. However, if there is some mishap and I break a fingernail I simply shape it again using the emery board. I wait for the next new moon and I shape that nail in hope that it will hurry to catch up with the others growing so lovely.

Now you know how to do nails to grow long nails faster. All you have to do is follow along by finding a good calendar or farmer’s almanac and then keep up with doing your nails. Once you start practicing it, it is much like anything else. You will get into the habit and then know when the time is right but saving the date for a manicure is always a good idea.