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How To Donate Money To a Charity – There Are Too Many Ways to Count

Now that you’ve made the decision to help a charity, it is time to consider how to donate money to a charity. There are several different methods, from a direct cash donation to a donation through your cell phone bill, or monthly reoccurring payments from your bank account, or even remembering your charity in your estate plans. Some donations can have an immediate impact on your taxes and some donations can have a deferred impact – therefore, when considering how to donate money to a charity, it is important to know what method is right for you.

Straight Cash

When considering how to donate money to a charity, some follow the teachings of Jesus, who said to not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. This get interpreted as a cash donation to a charity without a receipt. The benefits to an organization of a cash donation mean instant liquidity and usage of the funds – in other words, it can have an immediate impact. The downfall of not obtaining a cash receipt is that you have no means of claiming this donation on your taxes.

Donating Through Your Cell Phone

When considering how to donate money to a charity, sometimes what prevents people from making a donation is that it is perceived as difficult to make that donation. With modern technology, you can authorize a one-time $10 donation to thousands of charities simply by texting a specific code to a specific number, and then you pay this donation on your next month’s cell phone bill. Easy, painless, simple, and quick.

Donate Money Every Month With ACH

Sometimes writing a check every month can be a hassle. When it comes to how to donate money to a charity, this means an automatic withdrawal from your checking account, or an ACH or electronic transfer, can make it simple an easy to make that charitable donation. You simply authorize the charity to withdrawal an agreed upon amount on the same day of every month until you tell them to stop doing it. This works the same as cash as the organization can utilize those funds immediately, but you have a record from the bank for the withdrawal, meaning you can take the deduction claim on your taxes.

Remember a Charity in Your Will

One of the more unique ways when it comes to how to donate money to a charity is to remember them in your will for after you pass away. Leaving a designated amount can reduce the tax impact burden that your other heirs would face, as well as give the organization the opportunity to work on investing that inheritance early if you leave it in your estate and give them permission to do so. These donations are also tax free, so the full amount of your money can go to work changing something for the better.

Now that you know how to donate money to a charity, there’s no excuses – go donate today and help someone in need!

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