How to drive traffic to your site in 5 easy ways?

5 Simple Tips To Drive Traffic To Your Site

Both the popularity and the prosperity of any site over web directly depend upon the traffic. If you don’t know what traffic is, it’s actually the number of visitors/internet users who view your site or content. The amount of traffic on your site is directly proportional to number of adsense impressions and possible adsense clicks which finally results in your earnings. This article is not about the promotion or advertisement of $25 or £15 products which people usually post in the articles having the titles like ‘ how to drive traffic ‘. Instead I’m here to provide you with easy, simple and absolutely free tips drive free traffic to your content. I further warn you not to go for those products. Most of them are scam and even those which are claimed scam free are often getting slaps from the Google ultimately resulting the disabling of their adsense account. Also be aware that there are no any secrets and magic softwares that can increase traffic or clicks to your site. Everything depends upon the magnitude of your hard work and your commitment. Below are 5 easy ways that will teach you how to drive traffic to your site or contents of your site.

1. Upload enough content and locate those properly: Things that drive traffic to your site are your contents uploaded on your site. You must not dream 20K page views per day just by writing 20 articles. Same rule applies to your earnings. Before any significant earnings you should have at least of 150 high quality articles following Google TOS. If your site is new, it’s always a better idea to confine it to few topics and write lots about them rather than writing 100 articles on 100 different topics. If you think you’ve got enough mind and diversifying ability, then create about 3 sites with confined number of specific topics. This helps better indexing of your site and the contents of your site on search engines.

2. Backlinking: Backlinks are the hyperlinked words or phrases to your own relevant articles on same or different sites. This will increase your potential page views once the user visits your page or site. Do not use too many backlinks per article. Doing so will really irritate the page viewers. Just use 3 or 4 backlinks per a 500 word article that would link to a high quality relevant article or interesting stuff that could eventually solve the problem of a page viewer.

3. SEO techniques: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. There are various SEO techniques to get your content displayed on search engines and give solutions to problems regarding ‘ how to drive traffic to your site ‘. One of the most easy and effective is the use of Google adwords keywords research. Go to google adwords to find keywords with large volume of searches. Use low competition keywords with low CPC ( Cost per Click ) to increase number of pageviews and clicks. If you use high CPC keywords, there is less chance of getting clicked on ads and quite low efficacy of your ads unless your article is extraordinary. So, be honest to yourself and take it to your heart that great things aren’t achieved by an impulse but through a combination of minute efforts brought together. If you want to know more about google adwords then just go to and search for google adwords tools. I’m not going to spoon-feed you everything 😉

While selecting keywords for your articles focus on two types of keywords. One is called primary keyword and other are known as LSI ( Latent Semantic Indexing ) keywords. LSI keywords are the keywords relevant to primary keywords. For Example: If my primary keyword is “ traffic to your site “, then list of my LSI keywords could be keywords, articles, page views, google, search engines, visitors etc.

4. Social Bookmarking: Social bookmarking is one of the easiest ways to drive free traffic to your sites. There are many spam products available online which claims to plug your site contents to thousands of directories worldwide. I warn you again not to fall on those traps. There are thousands of spiders searching you carrying a banner of ‘ how to drive traffic to your site ‘ around, don’t become an insect to fall on those traps and get victimized. Instead of doing so, use a handful of trustable social bookmarking options such as Facebook, Twitter , Digg , Xomba, and StumbleUpon. These bookmarking plattforms can be used to drive free traffic to your site in few minutes.

5. Make your content viral and use attractive layout : The formatting of your posts should be attractive and interesting to the readers. This will inspire the page viewers to share your content on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. It’s one of the interesting ways to get free traffic to your site. Use images and media to create an eye-catching content. Additional ways to make you’re your articles viral includes use of numbers or adjectives in the title like one I used in my article “ Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in Asia “. Use Youtube videos when required to draw attention of your viewers.

Don’t have your own site? No Problem!
If you don’t have your own site, you need not get worried. There may be several reasons behind not having your own site. Having your own site requires regular and frequent management. Furthermore it requires lots of skills on web designing and programming if you’re hosting yourself. If you just have the passion for writing only, the best way to get yourself started is to join revenue sharing sites. There are many writing options avilable online like InfoBarrel,Seekyt,Bukisa,Wizzley,Squidoo,Hubpages etc.I highly recommend you to join TopicSpotter, a great online info-sharing site which focuses on categorized topics and high quality content. I also suggest you to join Seekyt to diversify your efforts 😉 If you have further queries on how to drive traffic to your site, comment below. Suggestions are also higly welcomed.