News How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website


How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Does your website only get a little attention and traffic less than it deserves? Look no further, you are in the right page, we will show you how to drive traffic to your website effectively. Driving traffic to your website or web pages is the hardest part, which need to be faced by every web owner and online marketer. Although, there might be many tips on how to drive traffic to your website available in the web; however, the tips that are given here are the most effective ones. These were already proven and tested by many successful bloggers and online marketers. So, take the chance to improve your website traffic! It is FREE and would not cost you anything. Follow on the steps and drive traffic to your website as soon as possible.

Top 5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

1. Write Several Articles in One Niche – Do you have existing articles that do not get traffic despite its quality content? Then, your article might be buried deep inside your website. Make it visible. Write 5 to 8 related articles and connect them to each other. The more related articles you write and connect, the more it becomes visible to search engines. You can also link one of them to your most popular pages using an anchor text. In this way, if one is visited, your other articles would also have the chance to be visited.

2. Use Social Networking and Social Bookmarking Sites – People go to social networking sites and social bookmarking sites either because they are bored, or they are finding something that worth their time. So, this is your chance. If you have an excellent content, post it to social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. You will have a high chance to get loyal readers and followers. You can also use social bookmarking sites such as Stumbleupon, PInterest, She told Me, Digg and Reddit. These sites were already tested on driving traffic to websites and web pages effectively.

3. Increase Your Rank in Search Engines – increase your rank in search engine by checking the quality of your content. Is it good? Does your website have all the good content it needs? Remember that “one bad content” can take your ranking down. So, be careful. Check your content always. If it promotes something unethical, it might be misinterpreted by search engines. So, it is better to take that content down or re-write it. Check also if all your contents are SEO-optimized. Do they use the right density of keyword inside the content? Make sure that your keywords are just repeated 3 to 4 times. Higher than this is risky and might be labeled by search engine as a spam content. If they are good, this is the time to make backlinks as many as possible. All backlinks must be quality. By doing all of these, your rank in search engine would surely increase.

4. Post on Forums – Check forums that are related to your article’s niche. The more forums you find and register, the more traffic you will get. Strive to make a good presence in those forums and do not advertise your site right there and then. Make sure that you would not look like a spammer. Interact first with the forum members, make friends with them, and post beneficial tips before advertising your site to them. Chances are, they might become your subscribers and loyal followers.

5. Write on Revenue Sharing Sites – Like forums, writing in revenue sharing sites to gain traffic for your website is also one of the best ways. If you write good content and share good tips in their community forum, you will get the chance to be followed up to your website. Revenue sharing sites usually have many members. So, your website will have the chance to get decent traffic by using them.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website
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