How To Earn A Passive Income With InfoBarrel

Everyone wants to make money online and it’s hard to avoid the scams since they’re everywhere. Lucky for those like myself that are unemployed, there is one of many free ways that allow writers to earn while working or going to school and even just being home with the kids.


So far, I’ve been impressed by the site’s layout. It’s simple and easy to navigate but it’s also appealing to the eye. The more you write, the more you are able to earn. The site prefers content that is going to help readers in some way by offering useful information so it’s probably not a good idea to write for IB if you’re just looking to babble on and on about how your day went.

Reviews are accepted, but they really don’t usually rank very high on the search engines. Try writing articles about something that’s different and interesting and you’re going to be well on your way to earning a healthy passive income.

Passive income is working (writing an article) once and earning from it long after you’ve written the article. With InfoBarrel, promoting your website isn’t necessary, but you’re more than welcome to promote your articles as long as it’s abiding by the Google Adsense Terms of Service.

You can write as many articles as you’d like, there really are no limits and even though some people find the editorial review of articles annoying, this is the reason why IB is so popular with google and writers looking to improve their skills. The revenue share from adsense ads is 75% (your share) and the site also allows publishers to include Amazon products and 2 ‘self serving’ links to any website or blog they may own.

Write, Write and Write Some More

There really is no secret when it comes to earning with this site. The more you write, the more you will earn. Make it a point to write at least one article per day, but if you’re really trying to earn the most for your time then make your goal 3 articles per day. By the time you have over 100 articles under your belt, you should be seeing a huge increase in the ‘earnings’ section of the IB website.

Don’t Focus On SEO First

I think search engine optimization is important but not if it’s going to kill the fun of the entire writing process. You can always go back and edit your articles if you’re not happy with how it’s performing. SEO takes time to learn and is constantly changing, so you have plenty of time to learn the basics of SEO later. Just focus on writing useful information for the users and that will be the best place to start.

Participate In The Community and Contests

InfoBarrel offers an amazing community of writers that are supportive and have no problem helping the new writers get started. Ask questions and within an hour you’ll have more than enough answers from experienced writers and even the site owners.

The contests on the site are a great way to challenge yourself to create quality content. The longer the article, the better. Articles are required to be over 400 words but there is no maximum! That means you don’t have to split your article into 2 parts unless you want to. Winning a contest is pretty hard to do but the point is to push yourself to create content and another great perk of joining the contests is that it can increase your revenue share from 75% to 90%!

Get Ideas From The Editorial Calendar

There is a section of the site called InfoBarrel University that shows topics the owners are looking for in a specific month. If you’re suffering from writer’s block, this is a great list that will give you some ideas. If your article is accepted, chances are you’ll be able to get that article featured which means even more traffic (which means more money).

Earning with this site isn’t hard at all, if you enjoy writing content and want to get paid for it, then I think it’d be a great idea to sign up for InfoBarrel and start earning some extra income. Some members are even earning a full time income with their articles.

How To Earn With Infobarrel