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How To Earn More Money Writing


Whether you are a freelance writer or a hobbyist looking to make some extra cash doing something they enjoy, writing online can be a profitable source of income if done right. If you want to earn money writing, and I mean more than a couple dollars per hour writing for fun, the following tips may be useful

Create a Portfolio Site
A good writing portfolio can open many doors, generate new leads and prove that you are a professional and reliable writer who isn’t just writing for fun that can be approached for lucrative projects. It’s also a great opportunity to learn how CMS such as WordPress work, and write about things that interest you in case potential clients see your work and contact you. Creating a writer’s portfolio is easy and with the right choice of template it can look as professional as if you got a design agency to do it for you.

Don’t Get Stuck On Content Mills
Most freelance writers use article writing as another revenue stream when more profitable private clients aren’t actively placing orders, or to create passive revenue streams for the future on revenue sharing sites, but it’s highly likely that private clients will pay you more for less effort, and potentially more interesting projects. Do not wait for clients to find you, actively marketing yourself and sending queries to editors and small businesses may be surprisingly effective. Yes, writing a proposal takes more work than just picking up an article from an assignment list, and sometimes another writer is chosen. But the money you can make writing articles is much lower, and often the projects are also much less interesting.

Learn SEO
Most people assume that any content written for the Web needs to be SEO friendly, so if you want to earn money writing online you should learn what does SEO mean and how does it work. This includes from how to do keyword research to craft a search engine optimized headline to how to build links and bookmark your articles. If people cannot find your articles, you won’t make much money. Take a look at Twitter and other social media marketing tools as well, as more and more people use those to find writers or content.

Consider Starting Your Own Website
Another great way of making money writing is creating a website or blog on your favourite topic and learning how to drive traffic to it that can be monetized. Depending on your audience and traffic volume you can make money by using Google AdSense or other advertising programs, promoting affiliate products or even selling your own articles as stock content for other people’s websites.

Writing Ebooks Pays
Another way to make money writing is writing and selling an ebook on your favourite subjects. Do research to find a problem people struggles with and that you can offer a solution for, and write about it. You can sell your ebooks in many different platforms, from the Amazon Kindle to the affiliate powerhouse that is E-Junkie, and let others promote it for you.

How To Earn More Money Writing
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