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How to Easily Establish Consistent Communications with Anyone, Anywhere

Every organization has quite a good number of employees working remotely and this has thrown unique communication challenges for the employers. If the latest trend is any indication of the future, it can be easily predicted that about 50% of the total workforce of any organization would go mobile by the year 2020. There has been a 79% growth in telecommuting between 2005 and 2012 and the figures are going to grow over the next 10 years.

So how will all these affect the businesses and their future?

Organization are going to encounter several challenges while their employees start to work from anywhere and not necessarily from their corporate or branch offices. Companies have to empower their remote workers so that they are able to deliver from anywhere at any point in time. Effective and efficient communication will have to be adopted, which would help the employees carry out their work without any issues. The good news is that organizations now use cloud technology to bolster their communication systems.

Cloud-based communication systems will facilitate the access to applications, communication service, files and network from any part of the world and everything with the help of a secured Internet connection.

The biggest challenge for any company would be to synchronize their existing traditional equipments with advanced technologies like cloud computing. Companies cannot afford to discard all their existing traditional equipments as that would imply new investments on the latest communication systems. However, a middle path has to be adopted where the traditional equipments can be used with the advanced technologies.

The latest telephone systems are very effective in extending the communication system to the remote workers, irrespective of whether they are working from home or from other locations. For instance, if you are running a medical centre and all your physicians or doctors are spread across different cities or countries then you will find it extremely difficult to manage the business. From patient billing to critical care of patients, it is imperative that the managerial staff maintain steady communication with the doctors and physicians, irrespective of the equipment they are using or their location.

You will find it extremely difficult to create a similar network by using the traditional phone systems and even if you manage to create something like that, you will be facing some or the other issue regularly. Some of the challenges that you will face with an on-premise traditional phone system are:

Quality of service
Even though an on-premise system looks pretty reliable, equipment quality as well as network issues would hamper the quality of service. Call issues with call as well as the system can crop up from time to time if an advanced communication system is not maintained.

Cost of service:
The costs of managing an on-premise phone system are similar to that of cloud based phone systems. Thus, there is no point in opting for a communication system that has fewer features as well as less flexible. Just imagine that your competitor is able to avail better functionality and features at the same price!

Flexibility and scalability:
The traditional phones are known to deliver fewer features along with lesser flexibility. On the other hand if you are using a cloud-based communication system, the expenses incurred for an expansion would be way lesser. Managing an on-premise phone system will require better technical staff and this will add to the costs of maintaining a communication system.

From the perspective of communication and data infrastructure, it can be safely said that cloud based systems enhance the capability and speed of communication for the remote offices. You will be able to extend better features and functionality to the remote workers.

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