How to Easily Remove the Strom Gunner Game Pop Up Ad

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My Galaxy tablet suddenly started showing a full screen pop up ad for some game called ‘Strom Gunner’ after every wake up from sleeping.

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I could close it and continue, but it was very irritating to keep getting interrupted.

As I share the tablet with kids who blindly download everything, I had no idea which app might have been responsible. I tried uninstalling those recently installed, but it didn’t help.

None of my malware / anti-virus scans picked up anything. I couldn’t see any app running that could be causing it, nor could I easily see any files that seemed to be related.

In desperation, I opened the advertisement for ‘Strom Gunner’. I was taken to the Google Play store, where I was told that the item was not found.

Finally, after much searching through my device (under heavy pressure from the kids who wanted it back), I found a fix:

1. Search your files for a folder called ‘PopAd’. You can do this on a Galaxy either by using the ‘MyFiles’ icon, or by connecting your tablet to your PC and searching the file directory of your device.

2. Rename the files you find in the ‘PopAd’ folder. The safest way is to add the letter a to the file name. That way, if renaming causes an issue to the operation of your tablet, you can easily revert to the original file names. I found three files in total in the ‘PopAd’ folder.

3. Rename the PopAd folder. The first time I tried didn’t rename the folder, and in a few hours, the original filenames restored themselves, along with the annoying popup!

Once I had renamed the files, the ‘Strom Gunner’ ad no longer appeared.

If, after you have used the tablet for a while with no issues, you can delete the folder with its files permanently.

Please note that there is a legitimate game called ‘Storm Gunner’, which has nothing to do with this invasive pop up ad.

I’m not sure which, if any, other devices could be affected by the annoying ‘Strom Gunner’ pop up. However, I would imagine that this method to fix it would apply in most cases.

Good luck, and please let me know in the comments if this works for you, or if you have found a different solution.

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How to Easily Remove the Strom Gunner Game Pop Up Ad, Seekyt
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