How To Eliminate Your Blind Spot

You need to know how to eliminate your blind spot to keep driving safe for you, your passengers, and the other driver on the road. The blind spot is always there, whether you like it or not, but there are a few things that you can do to make sure you don’t get into an incident because you could not see clearly.

Where is the Blind Spot?

The blind spot of a car is that are which you cannot see while facing forward, or with standard rearview mirrors. It is the are on either side of you car that is behind you and to the side. Your mirrors normally provide a good view of what is right behind you and to the sides, but at these 45 degree angles from the back of your vehicle you do not have good visibility. Whether you are heading to work on a freeway or on a long road trip, having a good view of your blind spot is important to keep you safe.

Turn Your Head

The first and most obvious method to see in your blind spot is to turn your head. This means that you really need to look in your blind spot before you merge or turn. That requires you to look behind you to insure that no car is in your path. You need to look before you begin to merge to stay safe. However, not all people, especially the elderly, injured, or handicapped, can turn their head in this way. For them, and for everyone else who want to make merging and turning safer, there are cheap mirror upgrades that will make a huge difference.

Upgrading Your Outer Mirror

The outer mirrors of a vehicle are only able to focus on one path. You can adjust them to give you a wide or narrow rear view, but they don’t do a good job of allowing you to see both at the same time. To solve this problem, there are mirrors you can add to your vehicle to cover that spot you are missing. Some of these attach to the top of your outer mirros while others stick to the inner mirror, but both will give you a full view of your blind spot. These additional outer mirrors make a big difference in allowing you to see the entire lane to your left or right.

Upgrading Your Inner Mirror

Another option, and one that you may choose in addition to the outer mirror upgrade, is to upgrade your inner mirrow. There are very easy to install products that will fit with or over your exsting rearview mirror but provide you with much better visibility in your blind spot. These mirros may make images seem further away so you must be cautious at first as you adjust, but the view of your car’s blind spot will be much improved with a wide angle mirror.

Many Options

There are many options for you to see in your blind spot. Your own eyes is the best way, but use of enhanced mirrors will make your job even easier, and will go a long way to eliminate your blind spot.