How to Embed Links, Photos and Videos in a Journal Post

Embedding links in your journal posts is not as easy as embedding links in articles because it involves using basic HTML (and inserting links in articles is a simple matter of URL copy and paste). Even if you don’t know what HTML is, it’s pretty simple and it can be explained in just a few sentences.

Just a short comment about HTML before I describe the steps to embed links, photos and videos in journals – HTML is written in the form of HTML elements, basic building-blocks of webpages, consisting of tags, enclosed in angle brackets within the web page content.

Embedding Links in Journals

The HTML code for embedding a link is:

html non copy-able code box - photo

Figure 1: Non copy-able box of HTML code for text links

Note that Figures 1 and 2 are not copy-able boxes of code (for security reasons).

Here’s a step-by-step guide based on the URL of this webpage; rewrite the parts in red and save them somewhere in your computer for future reference.

HTML Embed Link Code Snapshot

Figure 2: Rewrite the text in red and save it for future reference. Change the text in steps #2 and #4 to link to articles of your choice.

You’re done!

For better a understanding, here’s one more example. I’ll take my 30 Days Challenge Announcement Journal to show you how it’s done directly in the editor. Look at Figures 3 and 4. The first screenshot (Figure 3) shows how I embedded a link to one of my articles in the previously mentioned journal post (directly in the journal text editor). The second snapshot (Figure 4) shows how the link looks like on page when I visitor sees it.

html code example photo

Figure 3: HTML code used for a text link in one of my journal posts

(30 Days Challenge Announcement)

How Does HTML link text look like on page? - Snapshot

Figure 4: Text link seen on page by visitors (see Figure 2).

Embedding Photos

HTML for embedding images is a little more complicated so I was happy to see that Google provides its Picasa Album users with a HTML image code for every uploaded image. If you are using a third party to upload photos to your webpages on Seekyt such as Flickr, you may also consider using Picasa Albums because this is another really awesome Google product, and if you already have a Google Account, installing the program (in two steps or so) is enough to get you started. I personally use this Google product to upload all of my Seekyt photos to both articles and journals. Uploading photos to articles is easier because you just need to copy the link address and paste it in the corresponding image upload box in the text editor.

Embedding Images in Journals with Picasa

Open the photo you want to embed in your post (see Figure 5).

Using Picasa to Embed Images Snapshot

Figure 5: Using Picasa to Embed Your Image in Journals

  • Click Link to this Photo (right sidebar).
  • Select Hide album link.
  • Select size (not more than 520 width – you can edit this in a journal manually, but select the medium size first).
  • Paste the HTML code in your journal.

You’re done!

Embedding Videos in Journals

Embedding a video in your journal post is not possible for security reasons. Instead, if you include a link to a video, the link should automatically create an embed because of the apture feature installed on Seekyt by its owner and developer . When you click on the link, the video should pop-up on the same page. Apture will likely include a small icon next to the link to indicate that it is special link.

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Embedding links, photos and videos in journals may seem overwhelming at first, but it’s a simple process indeed. If there’s something you don’t understand or find confusing, share your thoughts in the comments below. Also, you can always contact our administrator with a direct message and ask for help, or post a journal entry asking a question.

With a little effort, your journals can look nicer and if you write quality journal posts generating many comments, you have great chances to rank high on the search engine result pages.

Also, journals can make you money just like your article webpages because the principle of making money is the same as for writing articles. Moreover, you can take advantage of the referral program, too and share the link to your journals using the sharing buttons under the text (above the comments section).