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How to End Poverty In The World?

Poverty is a state wherein one is deprived of a quality life. Though quality is a relative term, we can all agree that low quality of life is damaging and affects individuals and community as a whole. Worldwide, millions of households and people are exposed to the threat of poverty everyday. Millions die annually due poverty related issues like no access to health care. Poorest of poor are forced to live without any shelter, are unemployed or sick with a bruised self esteem. They are affected the most by severe weather conditions or climatic changes since they remain unprotected. They are also the most affected by poor governance and civil wars.

Families experiencing poverty demonstrate a higher death rate, less marriage stability and incompetence whereas their children are prone to committing crimes. Though the poor are most affected by these factors, it is not difficult to understand that in the long run the entire society is affected. For instance, crimes have far reaching effects. In reality, the rich are more affected by crimes since they are the ones targeted by criminals. With that type of background there is little doubt that poverty is awful and hazardous for all.

Though the poverty is most widespread in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Caribbean, its consequences are noticeable in developed nations because the world has shrunk together due faster communication and quicker means of traveling. This is amply demonstrated by migrants and drug traffickers. When the poor from Africa, Asia and South America break away from crime plus poverty, they indulge in illegitimate migrations and or drug trafficking keeping developed nations as their target. Their activities expose American, European and other countries to terrible consequences. Keeping these factors in mind, here are a few suggestions for eradicating poverty in the world:

1. Comprehensive efforts going farther than poor people and nations need to be made for removing poverty. It must incorporate countries and people who are not poor. Of course, we have witnessed global community making efforts in that direction as demonstrated by Gleneagles’ Make Poverty History Concert for raising funds to stop the malady in Africa, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and G8 summit but we expect more realistic promises to be made. We can find a solution to this problem only when we go beyond diplomacy and politics. The need is to take more practical actions wherein pledges can be turned to real actions.

2. All aids and international donations can be of real help only when poor people get empowered. Their empowerment must get top priority in the scheme of things. We have to design and execute programs that help building capabilities of the poor. It is imperative that these programs reach grassroots levels. Their execution should preferably involve community based organizations and NGOs (Non-Government Organization) who are well aware of local dynamics as governments could possibly deflect funds and resources for the benefit of a few through corrupt practices.

3. More funds need to be invested in education of the poor, enabling them to enhance their capacity of earning more money.

4. When talking of education, we must emphasize educating the girl-child as they experience Harmful Traditional Practices (HTPs) the most, disempowering them and putting their education to danger and thus their competence to earn more. Remember the proverbial saying, ‘educate a woman and educate a nation’. The effects of educating women are very crucial to the problem at hand.

5. And, last but not the least the poor should be informed of the need to make and widen lifestyles that help sustaining wealth, as experience and research reveal that they continue following a lifestyle that brings about poverty.

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