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How to Enjoy a Sweet Honeymoon in Pink City

After a successful wedding, the next thing you need to plan is where you should go for a sweet honeymoon and what all you will do there in order to enjoy it. And to be honest what could be better than going to Jaipur. Jaipur is a royal city in Rajasthan and is the best place to make your honeymoon memorable. It is going to be like a heritage trip and so much enjoyable. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind if you want to enjoy your honeymoon in Jaipur.

Book a luxurious room in a resort

Nice resort jaipur

Don’t forget to book a luxurious resort in one of the best place in Jaipur because stay is very important part of journey. To make your honeymoon the best one you should either go for a luxurious resort or maybe a royal style fort. I will suggest you La Premier Spa and resort as its mine 🙂 and it is my favourite pool resort in pink city Jaipur and you are most welcome to enjoy awesome pool parties with tasty snacks.

Go out for shopping


Jaipur is famous for its jewellery especially the antique ones. It is also famous for its precious and semi-precious stones. The tie-and-dye work and the block prints are also pretty famous. The pottery and the Jaipuri razai is also very famous. The roadside stalls are still there for you to make a good buy.

Don’t miss the food

Lovely dinner

You should try the traditional Rajasthani food complete with heat and dust in Jaipur. Choki Dhani is the best place to eat in Jaipur with a traditional vegetarian meal that is laced with desi ghee. Moreover with you food you can enjoy the folk performances or even go on a camel ride.

Travel around the city

Travel the city

Jaipur has a very rich cultural heritage. You can see that in the traditions, customs, art, lifestyle and the architecture of that place. To understand the cultural heritage more better you should travel around the city. You should go to The City Palace built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh is a major landmark in Jaipur and one of the most famous tourist attractions. You should even go to the Amer Fort built by Raja Man Singh I which is known for its artistic style. It is located high on a hill and a major tourist attraction.

You can do romance at Ramgarh Lake, an artificial lake that is dry since 2000. You can also go to the Govind Dev Ji Temple and ask for a better life ahead. You may also visit Galtaji which has several temples and sacred kunds. Sisodia Rani Ka Bagh, the royal garden is the best place for relaxing after such a tiring journey for couples.

Bonus destination

Samode Palace, Samode Haveli and Samode Bagh are the heritage monuments and structures that one must see. Hawa Mahal is a palace that is a high screen wall built for the women of royal household so that they could observe the street festivities while being unseen from outside and you should go there and feel the love in the air. Jantar Mantar is also a very famous place to see that consists of thirteen architectural astronomy instruments and I am telling you will be astonished to see it.

That was all about how to enjoy a sweet honeymoon in Jaipur.

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