How to Enjoy the Single Lifestyle

Whether you are newly single or have been single for awhile, there are many advantages that married couples and those in relationships cannot claim. To enhance your single lifestyle, and make it one of depth and quality, identifying the pleasures and benefits of being single are important.

News media and magazine articles try very hard to convince us, either through words or pictures, that to be happy, one must be in a trusting, sexual, intense bond with another. We are pressured into looking better, dressing better and becoming more sensual, in preparation for catching that elusive love object. There is very little written about the thrills and adventures of single lifestyles, and those who may wish to enhance their lives as a single person. Enhancing the single experience does not negate nor prioritize either category. It simply helps support the reality that single persons are just as filled with, and entitled to, excitement, pleasure, variety and safety, to mention only a few desired lifestyle perks.

Emphasis on remaining single does not always fly well with others who may be in relationships of one kind or another. In many circles, it is treated as a malfunction at best, and a disease at worst. Why is that? Perhaps it is because much room is left in which to speculate as to why someone might choose to actually enjoy the single life. Those people who are remaining single for indeterminate periods, may be viewed by parents as having ‘problems’ in relationships, or in establishing lasting love relationships. Families may wonder if there are sexual problems, or perhaps the person is too demanding, making relationships too difficult for extended periods.

Societal views such as this put unspoken pressure on single people, and the impulse is to defend why one might still be single. Invitations to social gatherings may suffer, and friends may feel the impulse to introduce the eligible single to other eligible singles. Everyone may mean well, but the increasing feeling of being a romantic misfit can mean singles can shun invitations, finding comfort instead in solitary activities.

It is important to inventory your own life at times, to keep the benefits of being single clearly in view. Not because you will always will be single, necessarily, but to appreciate what you have now. So often, no one identifies what one loses in being in relationships. That takes the romance out of the whole pursuit. Let’s look at those areas a single person can enjoy that couples often cannot.

Personal Space – If you live alone, the freedom of having personal space in which to move is invaluable. There is no fighting for the bathroom, or looking for items someone put away. If you wish to keep your space cluttered, no one will criticize you, and tell you why your personal space and belongings are offensive.

Activities – Sharing activities with another is fine, but when one is forced to be with another person for two thirds of their waking hours, shared activities become the norm, and are expected. Compromise in vacations, entertainment, holiday visits, eating out, and activities with others become topics discussed daily. One may feel that he or she is a twin, forced to be joined at the hip with another, or possibly meet disapproval. The single life offers any number of activities, chosen as if at a buffet table. These activities can be enjoyed at any time, anywhere, and no one is to judge you. There will be no voice coming from the bedroom at 2AM telling you to come to bed, right when you are reading a great novel, or in the middle of writing one.

Money Management – While two can live as cheaply as one, it is said, the economy would indicated differently. Date nights are no longer a $5 movie and a $10 dinner out. Those days are long gone. To spend less than $50 or even $100 on a decent date takes planning. So while you are both staying under the same roof, you will still need two cars, need date nights out, and be using extra utilities. With the prices of everything going up, savings of living under the same roof or even enjoying a romance, has gotten way more expensive. Relationships cost money. The stress of money management can be a deal breaker for many individuals who simply want to control their own money without demands on it being made.

Career Pursuit – For those who have passion about something, and wish to pursue a business or talent, sacrifices may need to be made. If the career involves travel, or a lot of time away from home, the single life is better suited. Educational goals also fall in this category, as the single person can devote all of their time to getting their degree, or entering a new and challeging field without having to defend why. If children come into the picture, goals may have to be sacrificed for the time being, if not indefinitely.

These are only a few areas that must be examined, in order to begin or continue to be appreciative of the single lifestyle. It is to be celebrated, lived to the fullest, and understood to be some of the best years of your life, at absolutely any age.