News How to enjoy your Malaga trip better this time.

How to enjoy your Malaga trip better this time.


There are numerous ways and fun things to spend your fantastic time in Malaga, Spain. However, most of the tourists who come here unplanned have a real hard time to decide which places to visit. Malaga being such a wonderful city has so many attractions and beautiful destinations to choose from. Therefore I have listed a few must visit places and interesting activities to do in your Malaga trip.

Its rich culture and history: The city is found with good number of museums and historical attractions. The famous Picasso Art Gallery is one of the most popular attractions every tourist must visit. Inside the gallery, you will be mesmerised with the artworks of Pablo Picasso and many other creations of the local artists. If you want to roam around the city, you can always visit the Alcazaba fortress, which is a spectacular view of the Moorish influence surrounded by the fragrance of sweet trees of bougainvilleas and oranges. If you are fond of visiting cathedrals either to attend the mass or to enjoy the beauty of the architecture, then Renaissance Cathedral is a must visit place. This cathedral is famous for its golden glow during the night. You will come across many of these kind of places located within the vicinity of Malaga hotels.

Malaga food and dining

A typical Spanish food court is called as tascas also known as the tapas bars, which you will find around the city in thousands. The city is famous for tascas and if you want to enjoy the true Malaga gourment, you must visit one of these restaurants located all over the city. The most favourite cuisine is the boquerones (anchovies) combined with wafer thin Serrano ham. You can visit La Malagueta which offers fresh sea food along with breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea. If you are a naturist and enjoy the beautiful sunset, then there are chiringuitos (beach cafes) located in the areas of La Caleta.

Malaga nightlife

Obviously nightlife is one of the most important enjoyable activity that you will be looking forward when you are a tourist. The city offers an amazing nightlife at various music bars and sports bars along the beautiful Mediterranean beaches. The city also becomes live to the beats coming from animated bodegas, bass-driven clubs and live-music bars.

How to relax on your Malaga vacation

Malaga is also famous for one of the most amazing places to relax under the shade of the palm trees. The cool ambience of the Puerta Oscura landscapes will give you the scenic view of the Alcazaba. As said before, this place is always recommended to nature lovers who enjoy the beautiful flowers and gardens in La Concepcion- Botanical Garden.

Now, you must be wondering how to reach Malaga. There are many cheap flights to Malaga from London and many other top destinations. With so many attractions in Malaga, you will never be disappointed by visiting this wonderful place in Spain.

How to enjoy your Malaga trip better this time.
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