How to Entertain Your Toddler With One Toy

Entertaining Kids in Public Places

One of the toughest challenges for me as a mother of two toddlers is figuring out how to keep them entertained in public places. Many times during the month we have to go places for appointments we may have and I don’t always have my husband available to watch them, so my kids come along. Lots of the places we go are awesome and have a kid friendly section with toys and books. But some of the places have nothing for kids and it’s important that they stay moderately quiet. Have you ever tried to keep two energetic toddlers still and quiet in a public place for very long? It’s not an easy task.

When I’m looking for a toy to entertain my kid in public, I look for something that is inexpensive, small enough to fit in a purse, doesn’t make noise or require batteries, and will entertain them for a while. The toy gets extra points if it can help the child learn or use his or her imagination. The toy that I have found works best for us meets all of that criteria. The winning toy is this Kid Tough Travel Doodler.

It is perfect for entertaining the kids. I have to have one for each child or else they will argue over who gets to play with it. But the price is affordable so that’s not a problem.

My kids can draw whatever they want using their imaginations. I can teach them things like letters and shape recognition. I can also draw animals or objects and see if they can guess what I’m drawing. It is educational and encourages them to use their imagination, which I love. Also, it is magical to small children. Kids find it fascinating when you erase what you have drawn. I have never found anything else (other than a movie on my phone) to entertain them and keep them happily engaged in public. You can find these types of doodle boards at most stores that have a kid section.

What have you found to entertain your kids when you have to take them to a place where you need to keep them relatively quiet?