How to erase liver spots?

There is hype on staying sexy and beautiful nowadays. People tend to be vain about how they look before the mass of people. One beauty problem which really gives a headache to us, especially to women, is the liver spots on our face. Relatively, we always find ways on how to erase liver spots in the fastest time as possible.

What are Liver Spots?

This is an old fashioned name for skins which are pigmented by long exposure to sun. These are round, brown or black, flat patches within the surface of your skin. On the medical field, this is commonly referred to as the solar lengtigines. Although it’s usually misconceived as freckles, it is mainly rooted from the expansion of skin’s dermis and develops large spots which look like freckles. It can be scattered around or it can also go by clusters. Most often, this is coming from a hereditary disposition. While it is common on the older age group, it also has some of its traces within childhood years. In the most obvious sense, this should be evaluated by professional dermatologists. Even if these spots are not cancerous at all, your sun exposure will bear with it precancerous elements such as actinic keratose which is described as the red elevation of skin. Usually, liver spots can turn into melanoma, a kind of skin cancer. Given this, there is an inherent need to remove or at least thwart the growth of these spots not just for vanity purposes, but for health reasons as well.

Treatments for Liver Spot

With modern technology, removal of liver spots can be easily attained ranging from the cheapest up to the most expensive medication. For one, we have the sunscreens. This is really the simplest way of doing things through preventing any further skin damages brought about by exposure to extreme heat of the sun. This is also important in any other treatment that you have to prevent the spots from recurring again. We also have those readily available and affordable bleaching creams. This is prescribed by physicians. You cannot just buy and apply a bleaching cream you got from a store in the corner. This usually takes 2 to 3 months long, before your spots can be totally removed. Another treatment is the more sophisticated cryosurgery. With this surgery, dermatologists aim to freeze the tissues and remove liver spots as well as skin growth through the use of liquid nitrogen. Another modern means of liver spots removal is the famous peeling procedure. There is a chemical solution, prescribed by the doctor of course, that will be applied throughout your skin and after a couple of weeks your skin will peel together with all those dirty spots from your skin. However, this procedure is quite expensive, and to some extent, dangerous to those who have really sensitive skins. There is also dermabrasion where one’s skin is sanded lightly using a special instrument to remove those spots. Lastly, we have laser surgeries. It is relatively new in the medical industry. It’s a technique to remove liver spots by selectively eliminating your damaged skin. A beam light is directed towards the area of liver spots and carefully, the dermatologist will start removing all those dirty things in from your dermis.

Alternative Methods

I understand that you don’t want to resort into anything that uses chemical or instruments as it is not safe to do so. There are side effects to be very honest about it. Therefore, people nowadays are intelligent enough to search for a more natural alternative way of removing those spots, using elements and components of nature as the solution to this beauty problem. There are simple seven steps to do this thing. First on the list is for you to extract fresh juice of horseradish using a food blender and cheese cloth. Then, squeeze some fresh lemon juice. Mix a teaspoon of your horseradish and one and a half teaspoon of your lemon juice. You also have to add up 3 drops or rosemary essential oil as well as half a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. After carefully mixing the entire ingredient, you moisten the cotton with your solution and start putting it to the affected areas in your skin. Cover it with adhesive tapes, make sure that it’s hypo-allergenic, and leave it for about 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, remove the swab and rinse it with warm water then pat it dry. The most important part is that you have to apply cream after every application. Repeat these steps everyday and see for yourself that those dirty spots are slowly fading its way out from your skin.

Prevention as the Best Treatment

Like the famous saying, prevention is better than cure, this also applies to the beauty problem that we have. It’s really hard to thwart off those spots from our faces, neck or any surface of the skin. That is basically why we have to deal with prevention as the best answer to your question on how to erase liver spots. One good way to prevent this is to avoid any excessive exposure to sun, especially that the UV rays nowadays are getting more harmful for our skin due to global warming. This is the most effective precaution to diminish a skin cancer threat. Protecting your skin from being damages by the sun will always do you a favor. You can only do this when you apply sun block every time you go out from the house, or at least apply some sunscreen unto your skin for more protection from the solar heat. The type of sunscreen to be used also varies. There are those SPF’s that you can see in the label of each product. The more you’re exposing your skin to sun’s heat, the greater the number of minimum SPF required.


In a situation of hereditary reasons, you always have to go and ask some help from medical professionals. Don’t ever try to self-medicate. This is usually the problems with people nowadays. They go on a self-medication without any recommending physician. When things got worse than before, they started to think about having him/herself checked by the doctor. The moment it becomes worst as ever, that’s the only time they jumped off form their houses and go to a clinic for a medical check-up.

How to erase liver spots? The answer is just very easy. Prevention is the best way to treat your damaged skins. Better to be prepared than have those spots without even doing something to block it from growing into your skin.