How to Exercise to Lose Belly Fat

Is Fat Happy?

Fat is not happy for several reasons. It is fact that being overweight can lead to health risks or disease, discomfort, and immobility(due to obesity). Though many of us fall in this category, why settle and be bound in this state until death, if we don’t have to?

The stomach is the center of attention oftentimes from observers. If you have a ‘beer belly’ or are often mistaken to be pregnant though your child is now two years old, that cannot be a state of true bliss! Personal experience entitles me to be so blunt!

Given that our core is so vital for vain reasons, houses vital organs,and is where baby’s are carried, let us investigate a means to slim our tummies down!

Classic Beer Belly

Women and men alike, we don’t have to look like this if we don’t want to!

Lose Belly Fat Exercising with the 7 Minute Workout

How is this possible? A 7 minute workout is the recommended exercise to lose belly fat because it compounds rigorous regiments for the abdominal area in under 10 minutes. Short and and strenuous exercise drills for the stomach are more easily engaged in as an exercise routine instead of extended periods of mediocre impact stomach exercises.

Not convinced? Compare Usain Bolt to Deena Kastor. Both are fine and world renown athletes. We’ve got Usain ‘lightening’ Bolt running the 100 meters versus ‘ever-energized’ Deena Kastor running the 1500 meter. If you take note of each runners body build, you’ll see that the shorter runner or sprinter has lean muscle as opposed to the cross country runners’ more slender and toned build.

My point here is that fat burning is more conducive to a highly anaerobic activity. The 7 minute workout is an excellent exercise to lose belly fat as it is highly anaerobic. Just as the 100 meter run builds muscle mass, so will the 7 minute workout for to lose belly fat! The 7 minute workout builds lean muscle, cuts fat, and can be done daily in less time than it takes to go through most fast food drive through windows!

Interested or Doubtful? Here’s a video in which the 7 minute workout is expounded upon. Take advantage of this free information on losing the belly in an expeditious manner!

Deena Kastor